Trump’s Worst Fears About The Russia Probe Just Came True

Since he first announced he would be running for president way back in 2015, Donald Trump has been sitting on a secret he hoped would never be uncovered by anyone.

We all recall Trump saying he’d be glad to release his tax returns and then changing his mind, claiming he was unable to do so because he’s being audited. Problem is, a person under audit can easily share their tax documents with whoever they wish; even the IRS says so.

What Trump never accounted for was the appointment of Robert Mueller to be special counsel. And with that appointment, the president’s financial records then became fair game for Mueller’s investigators.

Here’s two things it’s safe to assume:

  • Mueller has all of Trump’s tax returns.
  • Federal agents have all of the pertinent financial documents that were in the possession of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney.

As Vox reports, the Russia probe can now go in 9 possible directions, but the one that keeps Trump up at night is all about the money:

“In mid-March, the New York Times reported that Mueller had recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents ‘related to Russia and other topics he is investigating,’ in the clearest sign yet that Trump’s business has come under Mueller’s scrutiny.

“Furthermore, McClatchy reported that Mueller’s investigators ‘showed up unannounced’ at a Trump business associate’s home in early April and questioned him or her about the company’s overseas dealings — with a particular focus on Michael Cohen’s role in those dealings.”

Cohen had been instrumental in trying to arrange financing and other matters for the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. He also served as the point man for building projects in the nations of Georgia and Kazakhstan.

In April, Adam Davidson of the New Yorker predicted that Trump’s business deals in Russia and other places would expose massive “criminality” by Trump that he says will spell the “endgame” of his presidency.

Just as we learned in Watergate, it’s all about following the money. And the money trail with Trump leads to some very dark areas the president wishes he could have kept hidden forever.

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