Veterans Group Releases Powerful Viral Video That Asks, ‘Traitor Trump, Who Is The Enemy?’

The advocacy group has released a powerful new video that was posted online Sunday, and it may well be the best commentary on the reckless actions of Donald Trump ever created.

As you’d expect, the video directly references The New York Times report that Trump allegedly knew about cash bounties paid by Russia to militants who targeted and killed U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

The video from VoteVets directly address the Times report. Take a look:

If indeed Trump knew about the bounties paid by Putin and never did anything about it, that clearly makes him a traitor and a threat to the national security of the United States. If he didn’t know, then he’s utterly feckless. Either way, he’s unfit to serve as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. And that’s exactly who people who saw the video had to say:

Voting Trump out of office isn’t nearly enough. He also needs to be charged, indicted, and put on trial. The first count against him should be treason.

One thought on “Veterans Group Releases Powerful Viral Video That Asks, ‘Traitor Trump, Who Is The Enemy?’

  1. How can any person in that GOP accept a Traitor and Leader? I refuse to refer to him as a POTUS any more as he is Not one. But certainly has Obstructed Justice along with misuse of his Potus status. Exonerating those that are his criminal mates. Pedophilia is another subject he may know something about more than we even could imagine. Rape has been a common action it seems.He is a disgrace not only that stain but a glaring ugliness that is like a fungus along with his band of so called brothers. Shame on this republican lot starting with those GOPs that gutlassly have refused to even speak out.. Shame on his acceptance with allow your trooper to be on a turkey shoot for Putin to gain power. What else has he give to russia?

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