Was Russian Money Laundered Through The Trump Organization?

When it was disclosed recently that Deutsche Bank does indeed have in its possession tax returns filed by President Donald Trump, members of his family, and the Trump Organization, there was an immediate rush of articles suggesting that investigators with various House committees would soon have those returns in their possession, and that’s certainly possible.

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell later reported that he had spoken with a source who told him the returns showed loans with Russian co-signers. But the veracity of that claim is now in question, with MSNBC producer Michael Del Morro sending out this tweet:

But the biggest bombshell that may be contained in documentation Deutsche Bank has in its possession has less to do with loans or taxes than it does with money laundering, which is a crime the German financial behemoth has paid billions for repeatedly doing. As Forbes reported in April, here are some of the fines the bank has recently paid:

Forbes went on to add:

“The above fines will hardly be the last. Presently, Deutsche Bank has at least four concurrent investigations which all of us should watch carefully: possible Trump bank fraud with multiple loan requests, potential money laundering with Danske Bank, helping clients avoid taxes in offshore accountswhich has come to light due to the Panama Papers, and a share-trading scheme that is the subject of Germany’s biggest post-war fraud investigation.”

You see, Deutsche Bank doesn’t give a damn where or how they make a profit or what laws they have to break in order to pad their bottom line. Does that sound like anyone else we might know? Perhaps the current resident of the White House?

Trump has long been suspected of laundering money, and there have even been suggestions that he’s done so for Russian oligarchs. So it seems entirely likely that Deutsche Bank may well have helped Trump launder millions from Russia in what can best be called a semi-legal process of loans and reciprocal payments that help all parties involved get what they need. The Russians get their dirty money washed, the bank makes a tidy profit, and Trump gets operating capital to keep his business afloat.

There may well be multiple reasons Trump doesn’t want anyone to see his taxes: Because he isn’t a billionaire as he claims or because he pays almost nothing in taxes.

But if he has indeed laundered money through his business, everything he and his family have can be seized and liquidated.

Trump’s biggest fear isn’t getting caught. His biggest fear is being broke.

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