WATCH A Fox News Host Call A Hateful Trump Aide A Backstabber

If you’ve ever seen White House aide Sebastian Gorka on television, then you know that he’s a lying jackass who tries to pretend he’s an intellectual even though he has a fake Ph.D. which he never actually earned. He’s a poseur, an arrogant jerk, and a combative weasel.

Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Gorka was asked about comments he had made earlier in the day to the BBC in which he said this about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the tensions with North Korea:

“The idea that Secretary Tillerson is going to discuss military matters is simply nonsensical. It is the job of Secretary Mattis, the secretary of defense, to talk about the military options, and he has done so unequivocally…That is his mandate. Secretary Tillerson is the chief diplomat of the United States, and it is his portfolio to handle those issues.”

Fox Host Liz Claman wondered why Gorka would have said something so insulting to Tillerson, which led Gorka to snap:

“I never said the secretary of state was — that’s fake news 101.”

How typical of any member of the Trump administration. When they get caught lying or saying something they regret, they whine about fake news instead of owning their remarks. They have all the debate skills of a second grader.

After a back and forth with Gorka about what he had meant by his obnoxious remarks, Claman finally slammed Gorkawith this:

“Sebastian, you know this is going to be all over the papers. And whether you had the exact meaning that people have now interpreted it as, it looks like, to some people, it looks like — forget backstabbing — that you front-stabbed the secretary of state.

And, you know, people look at that and say, who — who was he to admonish any process that secretary of state would state? He’s hand-picked by the president.”

A backstabbing frontstabber. Damn! Now that’s one hell of an insult. But it’s exactly what a pompous ass like Sebastian Gorka deserves.

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