WATCH As Two White California Cops Savagely Beat A Restrained Black Man

I will continue to ask this question until it is no longer necessary for it to be asked: How many more times? How many more times must we see videos of police officers using excessive force and violence to subdue suspects who are not even resisting? How many more times do we have to call for a change?

Answer: Until it ends.

But it has happened yet again, this time in Stockton, California, where a cell phone video shows two white police officers severely beating a black man who is already restrained and is not resisting in the least. The cops, however, keep telling the man not to resist.

Keep in mind this man is not armed, is not threatening the officers at all, and yet they continue to beat him unmercifully, almost as if it’s some sort of sick game.

I fully understand that being a police officer is a difficult, stressful job in which you put your life on the line each and every time you respond to a call. I have an uncle who served as a policeman in Florida for nearly thirty years. But it is necessary for the police to be so militaristic, so brutal to the people they police?

And why does it always seem to be black suspects who are treated this way? I have a theory on that question: If this kind of thing was happening to white citizens in this country, there would be such a hue and cry that it would echo from one coast to the other. Congress would be debating and passing bills to curb the power of the police.

But is one person’s life of more value than another’s? Sadly, that seems to be the case today in the United States.

Watch the video below and tell me: Is this who we want to be as Americans? Or do we start demanding a positive change right this moment?

If we don’t, we will forever be asking, How many more times?

Watch the Cell Phone Video

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