WATCH: Bernie Sanders Compares The GOP Field To Kids Having A Food Fight

Finally, someone has said it, and God knows it sure needed to be said: The 2016 GOP clown car is not even as mature as kids in a cafeteria having a food fight.

Bernie Sanders made that observation last night at a campaign rally, noting:

“What we are seeing in the Republican presidential process is like a sixth grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria.”

A few hours later, while speaking to a reporter, Sanders reiterated what he had said:

“They really do sound like sixth-grade food fights, where amazingly enough adults in their 50s and 60s are throwing food at each other and cursing at each other and making fun of each other and insulting each other.”

Sixth grade?! With all due respect to Senator Sanders, I was thinking more of a room full of four-year-olds. Then again, even that would be an improvement over the juvenile delinquents we saw at the last GOP debate.

Here’s Bernie In Michigan:

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