WATCH Glenn Beck Get His Head Handed To Him On CNN For ‘Birthing Donald Trump’ (Video)

Glenn Beck is apoplectic, horrified, and consumed with fear and loathing because he thinks Donald Trump might just win the 2016 GOP nomination and destroy his beloved Republican party. How will the country ever survive without the hatred, racism, and massive tax cuts for the wealthy that the GOP wants to inflict on the nation? It might be time to dress in sackcloth and cover ourselves in ashes!

Beck is doing whatever he can to try and warn Republicans that their obsession with Trump is dangerous to the GOP. And he’s repeating that line again and again whenever and wherever he can. Such as this morning on CNN, but he ran into a buzzsaw named Chris Cuomo.

The Beckster has cast his lot with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and he told Cuomo his thoughts on Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump, I really truly believe is a dangerous man. I’m here to talk to you about the Constitution and what I believe is an absolute right or wrong….The mood of the country is very angry but you never make a good decision when you are angry.”

Anger, huh? Seems I recall a man who used to have a show on Fox News where he peddled that same kind of anger, but Beck will never admit to being responsible for anything.

Which is exactly what Chris Cuomo managed to do, reminding Beck:

“But here’s the thing. Is there a little bit of reap what you sow in some of this with the GOP, that engendering and oppositional mode towards government, in ratcheting up negativity as a mainline discourse, you wound up somewhat birthing Donald Trump?

“And now some of those people who were angry about what was going on and telling people to be angry, now they’ve got somebody who is harnessing the power of exactly that, and you’re disappointed.”

Beck tried to defend himself by saying he had “warned against this,” and then added:

“The progressive movement, and that is what this is — Donald Trump is a progressive, make no mistake. The progressive party was started by Theodore Roosevelt, it was started by a Republican.

“Bernie Sanders is at least honest about who he is. He’s not afraid to say, ‘I’m a socialist and I think we should be more like Denmark.'”

Oh, so the progressives are to blame. We should have known Beck would never agree to take any blame for creating the political Frankenstein named Trump.

Then Beck attempted to frame the debate as a choice between two offerings, proving his own desperation:

“Are we going socialist or back to the Constitution? That’s a fair and honest debate.”

Personally, I’ll take socialism over what the Republicans, Trump, Cruz, or Beck can offer any day of the week. How about you?

Here’s the full interview from earlier this morning:

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