WATCH: Interview With Conway Goes Off The Rails When James Comey Is Mentioned

While the White House would love for us all to think they’re not the least bit worried about James Comey’s new tell-all book, A Higher Loyalty, they sure are defensive when the subject comes up.

Monday morning on CNN, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway began an interview with host Chris Cuomo by trying to allege that Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe were Democrats and out to harm Donald Trump.

Conway then asserted Comey’s reopening of the Clinton email investigation in the last days of the 2016 campaign had nothing to do with Trump winning:

“I saw it last night and thought, ‘This guy swung an election? I don’t think so.”

Cuomo challenged that statement:

“Well he would up hurting her.”

More lies from Conway:

“No he didn’t!”

Cuomo could only respond in amazement:


The master of “alternative facts” added more lies to the ones she had already told:

“What he did, by no measure hurt Hillary Clinton.”

Later in the interview, Cuomo asked Conway if Trump planned to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein is the Justice Department official who oversees the Mueller investigation.

Conway acted as if the CNN host had just spit on her, angrily replying:

“You want this to be about something other than what the whole day is about here. Which is whether or not the president has complied with an investigation that your network and others have alleged would lead to evidence of collusion with Russia.”

But Cuomo was more than equal to Conway’s rantings, telling her:

“We’ve never said anything like that, Kellyanne. Why do you try and poison people’s minds like that, Kellyanne. That’s not helpful. We need common ground not division. Don’t poison people.”

Trying to put Cuomo on the defensive, Conway told him:

“No kidding, so let’s be honest. How much air time did you give to Russian collusion last year?”

Again, Cuomo bested the White House aide, having to speak over her endless bullshit:

“I hope it’s a lot, I hope it’s a real lot. Because it really matters, because they’re still trying to tear us asunder and they are being effective at it and they’re still doing it. And the president has been slow to respond. You guys don’t even have a real plan for how to combat it because the president conflates his own personal prospects — you won’t even tell me that he won’t make a move on the special counsel.”

There’s a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet that certainly applies to Kellyanne Conway whenever she’s asked about anything related to the Russia investigation:

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Yes! Exactly!

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