Rush Limbaugh’s Defense Of Sean Hannity Is Laugh Out Loud, Batsh*t Goofy

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity might as well be related to each other they’re so damn similar. Both of them traffic in conspiracy theories, hyperbole, and bullshit. It’s almost difficult to decide which one is more noxious, but since Hannity has both a radio and a TV show, it’s safe to choose him for the title of #1 Media Wingnut.

On Monday, it was revealed that Hannity was a client of Michael Cohen, who also happens to represent the Orange Menace sitting in the Oval Office. There were calls for Hannity to be fired, but Fox isn’t about to give the boot to a guy who has the ear of the Infant-in-Chief.

Limbaugh was clearly eager to rush to Hannity’s defense on Tuesday, telling his ever-dwindling listening audience:

“Sean Hannity has not withheld anything from anybody about anything that he’s doing here. Sean Hannity is more honest, three times as honest as anybody you can pluck from the Drive-By Media doing their jobs each and every day.”

Is that right, Rush? Considering that this is the same Sean Hannity who has been known to talk about the “deep state,” which he says consists of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other American agencies, it’s obvious that honesty isn’t Sean’s strong suit.

Then Limbaugh shifted to full cray cray, declaring:

“Sean Hannity is an advocate for Donald Trump. And in this day and age, advocates for Donald Trump are no different than Trump in that they have to be destroyed, they have to be targeted, they have to be held up for ridicule because it’s all about getting Trump. Every bit of this is about getting Donald Trump. The Washington establishment cannot allow for Donald Trump to succeed. He’s an outsider.”

What Limbaugh cannot seem to realize (or refuses to accept) is the fact that Donald Trump needs absolutely no help when it comes to destroying himself. He’s already well on the road to either resigning in disgrace, being impeached, being indicted, or all of those with some prison time thrown in for good measure.

Hannity deserves a defender as ridiculous as he is, and he has one in the person of Rushbo.


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