WATCH Kellyanne Conway Get Caught Completely Off Guard During An Interview

To hear the White House tell it, President Trump is totally focused on the important matters Americans care about, and his continuing obsession with NFL players protesting by kneeling during the national anthem is not distracting him.

Senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was a guest on Trump’s favorite brainless TV show, Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, and the majority of the questions from the hosts were on the football debate. But the questions were all softballs, but at the end of the interview co-host Brian Kilmeade announced:

“We just got a brand new tweet!”

On the video (below), be sure and notice how Conway’s face lights up like she’s expecting Trump to be tweeting out something related to policy. Instead, it was again about NFL protests, and you can watch as Conway’s smile fades and is replaced by a stunned look. Here’s the tweet:

Fox host Abby Hunstman then said:

“It seems like he’s going to stay on this topic. A lot of critics are saying there’s so much on his plate right now, we’ve got to move on, this is a distraction. But it seems like he’s doing the opposite of that.”

All Conway could do is repeat Trump’s pathetic line from his Tuesday press conference:

“Look, I work all the time. I can do many things at once.”

Then Conway attempted to take a shot at the press instead of commenting on the latest posting from her moronic boss:

“I think, some folks who cover the president for a living only focus on one or two things at a time. We should reflect upon that.”

Let’s also reflect on this, Kellyanne: Donald Trump has the attention span of a gnat on meth, has accomplished noting of any substance in nine months, and is under investigation for betraying his country by selling his soul to the Russians in return for a victory in the 2016 election. No wonder it’s so painful for Ms. Conway to smile.

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