WATCH Mike Huckabee Say Abortion And Planned Parenthood Keep God From Blessing America

Mike Huckabee seems to never tire of saying some of the most ridiculously sanctimonious claptrap ever uttered by a person, let alone by someone who’s seeking to be President of the United States.

During a stop at the Iowa State Fair, Huck once again decided to do his preacher man routine. I guess seeing the Butter Cow was just an excuse for him to get Biblical on everyone who gathered to hear him spout off about how we got to where we are in America. So he began with this statement:

“Let us never apologize for who we are as a country. A country that cannot be explained apart from the providence of God himself. There is no other explanation for the United States of America other than his providence and intervention.”

Really? What about all the hard work, sacrifice, blood, and human guidance we have benefitted from over the centuries? Without God none of that would have happened? Hey, I’m a Christian, but I don’t want to force my God on others the way Mike Huckabee does. Why do I choose not to? Because that’s the beautiful thing about America: We’re free to believe or not believe as we wish.

But Preacher Mike was just getting warmed up, and he then told the crowd:

“I’m not sure how we fully expect to invoke god’s blessing on this country if we continue the slaughter of unborn children in their mother’s wombs. 60 million of whom have passed away since 1973.”

Here we go again. You just knew Huckabee couldn’t make a speech without spewing his opinion on taking away a woman’s right to choose. No woman in the United States needs his help making such a personal decision, but just like he does with his God, Mike cannot resist imposing his will on others.

In a final flourish, Huckabee closed his rant with this:

“Let’s not just end funding for this nightmare, let’s end the nightmare and make it so when we ask God to bless us he can look down from heaven and say, ‘I will.’”


You know, I often think that God must be mighty tired of people like Mike Huckabee–hypocrites–calling on His name when it comes to the issue of abortion, and then in the next breath saying we need to invade Iran and kill thousands of innocents. I believe the old saying is, “The Lord don’t like ugly.”

Watch Preacher Mike In Action

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One thought on “WATCH Mike Huckabee Say Abortion And Planned Parenthood Keep God From Blessing America

  1. Jackass. His despicable support for that child molesting, hooking up with hookers creepy Christian, Josh Duggar, tells me everything I need to know about Huckabee, and none of it’s good. Oh, and let’s not forget that while he was Governor of Arkansas he pardoned a rapist & murderer because he “found God”, but then raped & murdered again after his release. Then there’ his creepy, dog-torturing & murdering son…

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