Idiot Trump: Babies Are Born In The Ninth Month – ‘It Has To Change’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump wants you to know that he’s a “stable genius.” Why is that whenever I think of that phrase, I picture a horse counting to three on his hooves? Just this week, Trump had a military doctor appear before the press and declare him to be physically and mentally fit to run the most […]

West Virginia GOP Lawmaker: Childbirth Resulting From Rape Is ‘Beautiful’

Will Republicans ever learn? Today we have yet another narrow-minded GOP moron who has decided to comment on the issue of rape, and like so many before him, his comments have landed him in hot water. Brian Kurcaba, who is a GOP Delegate to the West Virginia state legislature, was speaking during a hearing on […]

Tennessee Legislator Says Rape And Incest Are ‘Not Verifiable’

Take a good look at this photo. This is Tennessee state Representative Sheila Butt, and she is the face of total ignorance in the Volunteer State. On Tuesday, Ms. Butt (more on that name in a bit) decided to offer a motion to table an amendment which would have exempted victims of rape and incest […]

Idaho Republican Says ‘Trauma’ Prevents Pregnancy If Woman Is Raped

Why is it that so many members of the Republican Party seem to think that rape is no big deal when it happens to a woman? Is it because they truly are that freaking ignorant, or might it be a case of willful ignorance? The latest GOP member to open his mouth and step on […]

Deranged Oklahoma Republican Calls Rape And Incest The ‘Will Of God’ (VIDEO)

Seems like lots of Republicans not only claim to know what’s best for a woman when it comes to her body and the reproductive choices she makes, but also what God thinks on the matter. Take Oklahoma GOP State Representative George Faught, who has authored a bill which would make it illegal for anyone to have […]

Ashley Judd Blasts Trump At March On Washington: ‘Our P*ssies Ain’t For Grabbing!’ (VIDEO)

The Women’s March on Washington is historic and has clearly touched a nerve among millions across the world. As part of the protest of Donald Trump and his views on and behavior toward women, actress Ashley Judd read a poem written by Nina Donovan, a 19-year-old poet who lives in Tennessee. It was received with rapturous […]

Pro-Lifers Want Incoming Trump Justice Department To Prosecute Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet and his nominee to be Attorney General hasn’t been confirmed, but already pro-life groups and their Congressional allies are calling for an all-out assault on women’s reproductive choices. On Tuesday, Republicans, led by Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley released a report which encourages the […]

WATCH Paul Ryan Say Women’s Access To Birth Control Is Not Worth Discussing

If perhaps you were wondering just how quickly the Republicans–who now control both houses of Congress and the White House–would begin stripping away the reproductive rights of women, we now have an answer: Trump hasn’t even been sworn in and it’s already happening. Appearing this morning on State of the Union, Speaker of the House […]

VICTORY! President Obama Just Made It Impossible For Congress To Ever Defund Planned Parenthood

Right wingers and their political allies in the Republican Party just love to attack Planned Parenthood. They hold endless Congressional hearings which yield nothing but extremist lies and constantly attempt to cut funding to this provider of numerous healthcare services for women across the country. But now the GOP obstructionists may have met their match […]

WATCH: Expert Says Mike Pence Is The Most Anti-Woman Candidate In History

While Mike Pence may be Donald Trump’s choice to serve as his running mate, it should not be forgotten that Pence is an incredibly extreme and far right politician who has devoted much of his life trying to impose his own religious beliefs on others–usually women–through legislation. As Jeff Sharlet–an expert on Christian fundamentalism pointed […]