WATCH: Newt Gingrich Slams The Door On The Latest Conspiracy Theory From Fox

Desperate to try and distract us all from the fact that Robert Mueller is getting closer to the Oval Office with each day, Fox “News” is now engaged in an all-out attempt at presenting a narrative which suggests former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice acted improperly when she sent an email to herself on the day Donald Trump was inaugurated.

But the nitwits on Fox & Friends weren’t expecting what former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had to say when he appeared on Trump’s favorite news show Tuesday morning.

Co-host Steve Doocy began the interview with Gingrich:

“We’ve all been scratching our heads. We cannot figure out what Susan Rice was doing 15 minutes into the Trump administration on Inauguration Day when she wrote a memo to herself and emailed it, essentially saying that President Obama and other top law enforcement and FBI and DOJ people did everything by the book when it came to the Russia collusion meeting they had in the Oval Office.”

Gingrich immediately shot down the suggestion being made by Doocy, telling him:

“It may have been there because someday she’s going to write a memoir and she just wanted to have it.”

Next, Ainsley Earhardt tried desperately to steer the discussion back to tinfoil hat territory:

“For this, the timing of this is so bizarre. Why do you think she wrote this memo 15 days after the meeting? Notes from the meeting. And she kept saying, in her notes to herself, that the president insisted we do everything by the book?”

But Newt refused to play along:

“Well, I’m guessing that she had taken those notes — and this is a guess as a historian — that she had finally gotten around to it, had a few extra minutes and thought she would capture it in a structured document.”

In a conspiratorial tone, Earhardt then asked:

“As she’s cleaning out her office?”


“Right. No, literally, I think — I’ve had that happen to me — I’ll have some piece of paper from a meeting three weeks ago that I never quite got around to capturing in an email or putting into a file. It may well have been she was just tidying up.”

You know the world has been turned upside down by Trump and his willing minions at Fox when the mere suggestion that things be done “by the book” suddenly becomes an attempt to spin some bizarre tale about how the Obama team was trying to do something wrong.

Meanwhile, we have a Russian puppet as president.

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