WATCH: Reporter Tells Trump Fanatic To ‘F*ck Off’ For Asking If He’s ‘Fake News’

If we’re all totally honest, we’ll admit that we’ve had quite enough of the cultists who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing since Jesus Christ walked the planet or Buddha sat down under the Bodhi tree and achieved enlightenment.

For four years, we’ve had to hear the annoying chants and fact-free rantings of those who support the current president, but finally the time has arrived that we can rest assured he’ll be gone from the people’s house no later than January 20, 2021, even if he has to be dragged out of the building and unceremoniously dumped on the sidewalk.

So it should come as no surprise that what a reporter for television station News 12 New Jersey had to say to a Trump fanatic who rudely interrupted his report quickly went viral, according to

“Noticing a man was interrupting him Saturday, just as the Associated Press was projecting former Vice President Joe Biden to win Pennsylvania — and the presidency — (Alex) Zdan turned around.

“’How you doing, pal?’ he said.

“Is this real news or fake news?” the man said.

“The way many heard it, Zdan … then told the heckler to ‘f— off’ and turned back around, smiling at the camera.

“’What?’ the man replied.”

Zdan later said he was honored to experience being a social media hero, but insisted he didn’t say what many thought he did, noting on Twitter:

Fair enough, but most of us prefer it with “fuck” in there. Whatever it was you said, Alex, much respect.

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