WATCH: Sarah Sanders Loses Her Sh*t As Reporter Asks Her How Trump Will Prevent Russian Meddling

Just as they did in 2016, Russia has every intention of trying to interfere in the upcoming midterm American election. Yet it appears the Trump administration has done diddly squat to defend the U.S. from this threat.

Wednesday morning on Fox “News,” Fox host Bill Hemmer asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about what, if anything, will be done to counter the Kremlin:

“What is happening at [the Department of Homeland Security]? The American people need to know that the meddling will be dealt with.”

A clearly defensive Sanders replied:

“There are a number of things that are happening. DHS is certainly taking a huge lead on this process. But it’s an interagency process. We’ve got people — a lot of people from the intelligence community that are working on this. The president is committed to making sure that not just Russia — but particularly Russia — but any country or any outsider doesn’t have the ability to influence or impact our elections.”

That led Hemmer to ask:

“Is that security on the technology front? What is that?”


“There are a number of different things. It’s certainly security on the technology front, it’s backing up systems, it’s making sure that we have integrity when it comes to the voting systems, it’s helping the states. I mean, we have to remember that the states own these elections.”

Right, but the states don’t have the resources available to the federal government, such as the $120 million given to the State Department. How much of that money has been spent to secure the midterm? Not a damn dime!

The Fox host pressed yet again:

“But it’s March. When do we know?”

Sanders appeared to be caught off-guard, and began to stutter as she responded:

“Look, it’s not a one-day process. This is something we’re going to continue working on. We’ve had a number of these meetings with state and local officials. We’re going to continue working with states to secure their systems.”

Then Sanders engaged in the typical Trumpian flourish of promising even though the administration she works for is filled with liars:

“I can assure you that this administration across the board, agency wide is taking this very seriously. And taking very big steps to make sure that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the previous administration and ignore this problem and not take big and bold action.”

When in doubt, blame Obama. Trump and his paid shills are so predictable.

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