WATCH: This Damning Video May Finally Destroy Donald Trump

Has it ever dawned on you that perhaps Donald Trump–he of the gaudy poll numbers and outrageous statements–is really just taking GOP voters on a long hayride for the purpose of his own ego gratification?

Others have said the same. Some on the far right even like to claim that Trump is a plant from the Clinton campaign, running to destroy the Republican party and clear the way for Hillary.

But despite all of the theories, no one has been able to assemble the evidence against Trump which shows just how inconsistent he is on nearly every single issue.

Until now, that is.

The non-profit foundation One World Voice has put together a 12-minute video highlighting the nearly innumerable flips Trump has made over the years. In the video, he praises Bill and Hillary Clinton, says he is strongly pro-choice, voices his support for partial-birth abortion, heaps praise onto the Chinese, and goes so far as to proclaim that Democrats are always so much better for the economy than the Republicans have ever been.

At the end of the video, a voice asks a very telling question:

“Still think Trump is a true conservative? Why support him when we have other real conservatives?”

How will this video play among Trump’s slavish acolytes, many of whom think he is the savior of the political world? Will they demand answers from Trump or merely shrug their shoulders and say they still support him?

Donald Trump is a businessman who has now become the biggest con man in America. He is attempting to pimp his brand and his name to make up for the massive contracts he has lost by saying so many horrible things. Trump is also a narcissist of monumental proportions, a man who wants to be seen, heard, and adored.

Personally, I think Trump is a gift to the Democrats. Should he win the nomination, he will lose the general election, and badly. And even if he loses, now or in November, the negative effect he has on the GOP will be felt for decades to come.

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