Wife Of Pastor Freed From Iran Destroys Right-Wing Obama Critics

Despite the historic deal with Iran which will halt their production of a nuclear weapon, and despite the fact that five American hostages once held by the Iranians are about to be reunited with their families, if you listen to Republicans you’d think these were all negative developments.

Donald Trump wasted no time commenting on the release of the captives:

“They’re getting seven people, so essentially they get $150bn plus seven, and we get four.”

Ted Cruz, who it it turns out is probably a Canadian citizen after all, took to social media and posted this:

And prior to the release of the five Americans, some on the right even accused the President of having forgotten about them. Here’s what part-time MSNBC host and full-time douchebag Joe Scarborough had to say earlier this week:

But  Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been held in Iran since 2012, told CNN:

“It’s been wonderful. Especially the last year. Constant communication. Constant updates. Of course last year, we met with President Obama. He was in Boise, Idaho, [and] we had a private meeting with [him]. The last  year has been the best support. They were continually updating us… talks they were having with Iran and the side negotiations. I had a feeling in the last few months that it was coming to a close, but I wasn’t really sure and I wouldn’t trying to get my hopes up.”

Did you catch that Trump, Cruz, and Scarborough? The White House was in constant contact with the families. And they got the five Americans released without having to fire a single shot by using something call diplomacy. Look it up in the dictionary and see what it means.

As usual, conservatives think the solution to every problem with another country is declaring war and sending thousands of young Americans to their deaths. And, as usual, they cannot stand to give President Obama even a smidgen of credit when he accomplishes something.

So welcome home to these brave Americans. Too bad they have to return to a country where the right wingers want to use them as a political cudgel.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

One thought on “Wife Of Pastor Freed From Iran Destroys Right-Wing Obama Critics

  1. Facts, truth and logic simply confirm to these ideologues that they are victims, and opposition proves that they are right and that there is a conspiracy out there to destroy their beliefs in themselves.

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