WATCH: Trump Vows To Only Appoint Justices Who Will Overturn Marriage Equality

Donald Trump, hoping to curry some last-minute favor with evangelical voters in Iowa, announced today on “This Week” that if elected, he would be sure and only appoint Supreme Court justices would be willing to overturn marriage equality, which was just ruled Constitutional last year by the current nine justices.

Since the Supreme Court could very likely see three new justices in the next few years, “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos made sure and asked Trump about the kind of justices he would seek to fill any vacancies:

“Let’s talk about some of the issues. Judges. What kind of judges will you appoint? Will they be conservative?What does that mean to you and how will you ensure it?”

To which the Trumpster Fire responded:

“Well, first of all, we have a lot of judges that have to be appointed because we have a lot of openings in terms of judges. And I’m very happy about that, to be honest, because I think, you know, appointing judges is a very important and a very, frankly, a very, very important element of what we’re doing.”

Yes, but you didn’t answer the question, Hamster Head. Stephanopoulos tried again and got this reply:

“I’m going to appoint conservative judges. I’m going to appoint people that have great reputations, that are great with the legal profession…”

Trump Translation Version: Only really huuuuuge judges. Only ones with really huuuuge reps who are loved by the legal eagles.

Like who, exactly, Trump was asked. And here’s where he tipped his hand:

“Well, I can say like any — you know a judge who is a totally underrated and not spoken is Justice Thomas. I mean, if you look at — if you look at some of the judges that we have like on the Supreme Court, Justice Roberts turned out to be a nightmare for conservatives. I mean…”

Wait a damn minute! Trump admires Clarence Thomas? That’s game, set, and match in my book for why this nutjob should never ever ever be President of the United States.

In an appearance on Fox News today, Trump once again reiterated his line of appointing judges who were conservative. So Chris Wallace asked if he would want to make sure he got Supreme Court justices who were willing to overturn the marriage equality ruling. Trump took the bait and said:

“I would strongly consider that, yes.”

Once again: Game, set, match. Donald Trump just gave us all the best argument for why he is totally unfit to be elected to any office.

Here he is on “This Week,” extoling the virtues of Clarence Thomas:

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  1. It says a lot when he likes that Thomas guy..It can be published because Tramp scares me for president. go Hillary

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