West Virginia GOP Lawmaker: Childbirth Resulting From Rape Is ‘Beautiful’

Will Republicans ever learn? Today we have yet another narrow-minded GOP moron who has decided to comment on the issue of rape, and like so many before him, his comments have landed him in hot water.

Brian Kurcaba, who is a GOP Delegate to the West Virginia state legislature, was speaking during a hearing on a proposed 20-week abortion ban. Democrats had suggested adding an exception to the 20-week ban for rape victims. Which prompted Kurcaba to let loose with this statement of unadulterated ignorance:

“Obviously rape is awful. What is beautiful is the child that could come from this.”

Kurcaba now joins the distinguished company of Republican mental midgets such as Richard Mourdock, a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Indiana, who in 2012 said:

“I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

And of course we have the infamous Todd Akin of Missouri, who, during a Senate campaign, showed his complete lack of understanding of human biology by commenting:

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

So now we can plainly see that the GOP not only wants to prevent women from exercising the right to decide their reproductive futures, they also believe that a woman who suffers the horrific crime of rape should be forced to bear the child which is a product of that crime.

Perhaps in the future, Republicans should follow the maxim that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org

27 thoughts on “West Virginia GOP Lawmaker: Childbirth Resulting From Rape Is ‘Beautiful’

    • So stupid comment he is a part of Gop that cut the medical care ,Medicade and wellfare now what or how she will be able to raise the new born? This baby may turn into another Charles Manson. Wait until his own kids get raped or pregnant I do think this guy will see the light on the other side of Tunnel by then.

    • diptard should be raped, or his wife or daughter(s) Then he can raise up the bastards that come from it. worthless P0s!

  1. After you get raped, carry and deliver a child from that violent attack, you may open your big mouth and give a stupid a– statement! Until that all takes place, sit down and shut up! Don’t say something you have zero knowledge and less understanding on! You do not on the subject of rape and a child that comes from a violent attack on a female. You are supposedly a man, correct Brian Kucaba? Response please!

  2. I personally feel this Congressman is SO EVIL that he actually meant to hurt victims of rape in an effort to purport anti-abortion efforts!

  3. Apparently he’s now “apologized” for stating his remarks, but there’s no indication he’s changed his political position. So I guess he’s not going to say that pregnancy from rape is a beautiful thing anymore, but he still favors rape victims being forced to bear their rapists’s child.

  4. When the next Civil War starts, these Red States are going to be decimated and depopulated once and for all. Then this stupid nonsense will stop.

    • I’d just as soon it not come to that. There’s got to be a way of restoring this country back to being a decent democratic nation without having to kill each other.

  5. I live in one of those red states. Arkansas, the only state that could ever be %100 self sufficient. I like living here. That doesn’t mean I agree with my neighbors political views. That doesn’t mean I won’t help my neighbors. That doesn’t mean we deserve to be decimated and depopulating Arkansas would be a crazy as it is full of natural beauty and bounty. You can’t think before you speak right after reading an article about some idiot with mouth diarrhea?

  6. It’s an outrage that these politicians would deny women reproductive choice. I’m equally outraged that men are still denied reproductive choice. In situations where a women chooses to have a child & the father does not, that woman should be solely responsible for raising & financially supporting that child. The father would have no parental rights in this scenario. If you feel this is wrong, do you think a man should be able to force a woman to bear his child if she chooses not to? I certainly don’t. If you think a woman should have freedom to choose yet a man shouldn’t, then you are a sexist hypocrit, plain & simple. Far too many women clamor for reproductive freedom for women yet cling to outdated notions that women can’t support a child on their own & need financial help from a man, either because money trumps equal treatment of sexes or they believe only women should be free of sexist treatment by society. I believe equality should not be gender biased.

    • You comment is very interesting and I appreciate your position regarding women’s rights. I would appreciate it if you would expand on the following that you wrote: ” If you think a woman should have freedom to choose yet a man shouldn’t, then you are a sexist hypocrit, plain & simple.” Thank you.

      • I believe that women who choose to have a child when the father doesn’t, should be solely responsible for supporting that child & that father should have no parental rights whatsoever.

    • Greg, if a man does not want to become a father when he has sex, very simple, wear a condom or else get a vasectomy. There, now wasn’t that easy ?

      • That is a sexist comment! Would you accept me saying I have a right to force a woman to bear my child because if she didn’t want a child, she shouldn’t have had sex or she should have taken birth control or worn a female condom? Of course not! Yet you believe a man should be forced to do so using that same twisted logic? Or does money trump equal reproductive rights for both genders? I’m sure you don’t adhere to the outdated notion that women could never accept financial responsibility for their reproductive choice or support themselves & or their child without a man, so do you just want that man’s money because society allows these injustices against men?

    • Every time a man has sex and is not actually married to the female he should be using a condom. If the man does not know that every time he has unprotected sex there is a chance that he could make a baby, then he should not be having sex. So every man should realize that every time they have unprotected sex that they could be paying for it for the next eighteen or more years.

  7. Do you have a daughter, pal? What’s gravy for the gander is gravy for the goose. If a platoon of Blackwater troops passed her around to put a bun in her oven, that would be “beautiful”? I’m betting homelife at your house is a living hell. See, “Rape” and “Beautiful” in the same sentence transcends merely revolting, and you are more than merely despicable. Swine… and I’m betting the whole platoon has visitation rights, too?

  8. Obviously this man has never been raped, forced to carry a child for 9 months, go through the labor of delivering that child, than make the decision to give it up or keep it. Every moment of every day carrying this child and giving birth to it would be a constant reminder of the horrible crime committed on the mother. Hopefully this never happens to his wife or daughter, perhaps if it did he would re-evaluate his position on this one. I have worked with sexual assault services for 20 years and know the kind of pain the woman goes through.

  9. Somebody take a white hot steel rod and shove it up that bastards backside, then he may understand the beauty of rape!

  10. These moronic men don’t care that what they’re saying is garbage. It’s all about controlling women by destroying their bodily integrity. Politicians are Neanderthals who know nothing of being a woman! Tell them to STFU!

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