Wife-Beating, Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Finally Resigns In Disgrace

A wife-beating, philandering federal judge who was appointed by George W. Bush has finally been forced to resign in disgrace.

Judge Mark E. Fuller of Alabama was accused of domestic abuse for the beating of his ex-wife in 2014. And this piece of human excrement has finally figured out that it was way past time for him to leave the court. On Friday, he sent a letter of resignation to President Obama in which he wrote it had been “an honor and a privilege to serve.”

Fuller was arrested in August of 2014 when his then-wife Kelli Fuller called Atlanta police and reported that Judge Fuller was assaulting her at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Atlanta. On the 911 call she made to the police, Ms. Fuller can be heard remarking:

“Please help me. He’s beating on me.”

And yet this scumbag dared cling to his judicial robes for another nine months before he finally came to realize that he would never be able to regain the respect he had lost when he dared to strike a woman and place himself in the ranks of lowlifes who abuse their spouse. His first wife, who divorced him in 2012, also claimed Fuller had abused her.

Rather than facing the kind of justice he deserved for his actions, Fuller entered a pre-trial “diversion” program and all charges against him were dropped. One wonders if he would have shown the same leniency to a defendant who appeared in the court which he so ceremoniously dishonored. Another federal judge remarked on Fuller’s avoiding charges:

“(It’s) a sweet deal…that will allow him to erase his criminal conviction for beating the crap out of his wife in a fancy hotel room while reeking with booze.”

Fuller remains under investigation from a panel of five judges for his actions in 2014, and at least this sorry excuse for a judge will now be replaced by an Obama appointee.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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