With One Misstep, Rudy Giuliani Just Admitted Donald Trump Is Guilty

You have to wonder why in the hell Donald Trump still allows Rudy Giuliani to talk to the media. Rudy has already said enough bizarre things for Trump to insist that his so-called attorney never go near a reporter again, no matter the reason.

On Sunday, after an absence of a few weeks, Giuliani appeared again like some kind of surreal jack-in-the-box, declaring that there’s no way in hell Trump will agree to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller unless Mueller can prove the president is guilty of something. In other words, Mueller has to lay his cards on the table and show the evidence against Trump if he expects to get a second of the president’s time.

Such a ludicrous assertion is laughable and downright absurd. And as former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara points out, Mueller has no need of Trump’s answers in the first place. His evidence will suffice, no matter what Trump and his legal team decide when it comes to an interview. Bharara noted:

“I don’t know that Mueller really needs the interview. He will want it for completeness & also appearance of — and actual — fairness. It’s an opportunity for Trump to explain himself. Or lie. Subjects who’ve done nothing criminal are generally helped by coming in.”

Trump isn’t innocent — far from it! — so an interview won’t help him make his case to Mueller. On the other hand, if Trump were to agree to a session with the Mueller team, he could well dig the hole he’s in deeper and expose himself to charges of perjury.

Where does this leave us? It suggests that Mueller will indeed be wrapping up the first phase of his investigation sometime before the midterm elections and issuing a report (or reports) that will lay out all of the crimes Trump has committed. Then the ball will be passed to Congress. If Congress changes hands and Democrats take control of the House, impeachment will begin.

So we all owe Rudy Giuliani a tip of our hats for confirming that his client is indeed headed for the dustbin of history.

3 thoughts on “With One Misstep, Rudy Giuliani Just Admitted Donald Trump Is Guilty

  1. It would be ironic if Donald Trump is correct when he claims there was no collusion with Russia. Then the Robert Mueller report is issued and Trump is accused of everything else. No treason and no high crimes, just low crimes and misdemeanors. Would this Congress impeach him? Probably not and that is why we must elect Democrats in November. This administration is a disgrace and a danger to US democracy.

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