WTF?! RNC Chair Blames Violence At Trump Rallies On…The Media!

If you’re a Republican–especially if you happen to be the head of the GOP–and you need someone, anyone to blame in a difficult situation, the right-wing playbook is clear: Always blame the media.

Such is the case with Reince Priebus when he appeared on CNN earlier this morning and was asked about the recent violence at campaign rallies being held by current GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Priebus said Trump had “called for the temperature to be cooled,” and then added:

Not a party that believes in violence? Is that right? Have you bothered to share that information with Donald Trump, Mr. Priebus.

And then Priebus started his media bashing:

“When cable shows are on a constant loop on a couple knuckleheads pushing each other, in a 24/7 loop, you know, you create an environment, I think, that just adds fuel to the fire.”

Ah, so now cable news should refuse to report the news? CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked Priebus that question, and Priebus replied:

“Mentioning it is fine. I’m questioning the 24/7 loop. I’m questioning three hours in primetime at night every day talking about it. I mean, I get it. It’s news. I’m not questioning [whether] it’s news, I’m not. But it’s the obsession that I think that also adds to the problem.

“Granted, both sides have to disavow violence. But I do think the media is obsessed to the point of it being very noticeable and almost bizarre.”

Yep, just blame the media. It’s gotta be better than admitting your party is now under the hypnotic lure of a domestic terrorist.

Here’s Preibus pointing the finger at the media:

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