WATCH As Chris Cuomo Tells Rudy Giuliani: You Live In Fact-Free ‘Trumpland’

There was a battle royale this morning on CNN, and when it was over with, host Chris Cuomo made sure Rudy Giuliani was reduced to rubble. The interview began with Cuomo telling the former New York City mayor that he didn’t smile very much at last week’s Al Smith charity dinner when Hillary Clinton took […]

Trump Tries To Attack Rising Obamacare Premiums, Winds Up Confusing Himself (VIDEO)

Today in Doral, Florida, GOP nominee Donald Trump had a perfect opportunity to score some political points with the issue of rising premiums on Obamacare, which are expected to rise by at least 25 percent in 2017. Instead, he shot himself in the foot (again!) and wound up looking like a rank amateur who doesn’t […]

Trump Refuses Interview Unless Reporter Will Agree To Give Him The Questions In Advance

While he was campaigning yesterday in the key battleground state of Florida, Donald Trump was asked to do a one-on-one interview with local reporter Jenna Bourne, who works for Action News Jax. Trump said he would be delighted to on one condition: He wanted Bourne to provide him with the questions before he sat down for […]

Donnie Grifter: Trump Took $17 Million From Insurance Company For Non-Existent ‘Hurricane Damage’

As has long been suspected, Donald Trump is a con man extraordinaire. He doesn’t care who he rips off, who he screws out of a buck, or who suffers as long as he gets his payday. He’s a grifter masquerading as a businessman. Back in the old West, Donald Trump would have been a horse […]

Delusional Trump Tells Supporters Not To Believe ‘Dark Polls…We’re Winning This Race’

Speaking to supporters today in Florida, Donald Trump once again resorted to conspiracy theories to explain why he’s getting his butt handed to him by Hillary Clinton and why every poll on the face of the earth shows him losing–and losing badly–as the race enters its final two weeks. Polls, Trump added, are: “Part of […]

Trump Loves To Brag He Received A Medal From The NAACP–Here’s Proof He DIDN’T

A couple of months ago, as part of his so-called “outreach” to African-American voters, Donald Trump spoke at a predominantly black church in Detroit. Over the years, Trump has repeatedly bragged that “the blacks” love him. He’s even tried to bolster that argument by alleging he once received an award from the NAACP. But like […]

Trump Voter: He Will Make America Great, Like It Was Before ‘The Homosexuals’ (VIDEO)

Since he first announced his run for the White House, Donald Trump has continually repeated one phrase and even had it put on baseball caps: “Make America great again.” Never mind that America is already great, it’s Trump’s hook and he reverts to it whenever he has no response to a question. But what exactly […]

Karl Rove Just Read The Eulogy For Trump 2016: The Donald Will Not Win (VIDEO)

Karl Rove–in all of his evil brilliance–is widely considered to be an expert on what will and won’t happen in elections. And this morning on Fox News Sunday, Rove said Trump is toast: “I don’t see it happening. If he plays an inside straight, he could get it, but I doubt he’s going to be able […]

Trump Supporter Points Gun At Hillary, Begs Donald To Give Him Order To Kill

Not all of those who support Donald Trump are violent jerkweeds who lack the requisite intelligence to form words composed of more than two syllables, but the ones who are certainly make it seem that way. As a perfect example, we have this posting from a fanatical Trumpkin: The person who posted this used a […]

Jan Brewer On The Importance Of The Hispanic Vote: ‘They Don’t Vote’

How completely out of touch are Republicans when it comes to the issue of Hispanics in America? Well, consider what former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer told the Boston Globe when asked about whether or not the Latino vote could be one of the deciding factors both in Arizona and nationally. Could that turn 2016 election in […]