Top Trump Adviser Worked With Racist And Anti-Semitic Groups In Europe

Chances are good that you’ve probably seen Sebastian Gorka on cable news over the past few months. His official title at the White House is Deputy Assistant to Donald Trump. Translation: One of many ass kissing weasels who have been given titles and offices in the West Wing where they can share their madness with […]

WATCH A Conservative Try (And Fail) To Explain How Obama’s Trans Bathroom Rule Hurt Children

How reassuring it is to know that amidst all the problems that face this country–terrorism, racism, discrimination, the resurgence of domestic hate groups–that the Justice Department under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to choose transgender children as their first priority. Reversing rules put in place by the Obama Administration, the Department of Justice said […]

Gun Loving GOPer Says No To Town Halls With Constituents Because He’s Afraid He’ll Be Shot

You would think that a Republican member of Congress from Texas who gets an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association wouldn’t be too much of a spineless wimp to hold a town hall meeting with his constituents, but Louie Gohmert has decided he won’t face voters, and he claims it’s all because of what […]

At CPAC, Kellyanne Conway Says Feminists Protesting Trump ‘Have A Problem With Women In Power’ (VIDEO)

Although she’s been absent from television over the past week, Kellyanne Conway, adviser to Donald Trump, was on full display at the first morning of the annual right-wing hootenanny known as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Conway said she never heard the word “feminist” when she was growing up, and then added: “I was raised to […]

Moronic GOP Congressman Claims Nukes Could Be Smuggled Across Border In ‘Bale Of Marijuana’ (VIDEO)

According to Republicans, during his eight years in office, President Obama did absolutely nothing about immigration and that puts the national security of the United States in question as horrible things could be smuggled into our country. Things like (gasp!) nuclear weapons hidden in bales of marijuana. Arizona GOP Congressman Trent Franks appeared on CNN […]

Trumpkins Mystified By Liberal Resistance To The Donald: ‘We All Shut Our Mouths When Obama Got In’

On Saturday, Donald Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida, apparently unaware that he won the election (kinda sorta) and he doesn’t have to run for reelection for another four years. And at that rally, thousands of avid Trump supporters–aka Trumpkins–showed up to prove their loyalty and dedication to their demigod. The Washington Post interviewed […]

WATCH Ohio Christians Tell CNN They’re Offended By Trump’s Stance On Muslim Immigration

Perhaps Donald Trump assumes that Americans by and large agree with his Muslim travel ban, which has been struck down by numerous federal courts. Perhaps he also assumes that Christians in the United States will support his position that no Muslims should be allowed into the country. But based on the comments of some Ohioans […]

Tea Party Bigots, Fearful Of Sharia Law, Preparing To ‘Start Killing The Hell Out Of Muslims’

Emboldened by the election of Donald Trump and fearful that Sharia law will soon be imposed in their community, a group of Tea Party conservatives gathered at a seafood restaurant in Kernersville, North Carolina, last week and said they are preparing to counteract what they call a Muslim plot to conquer the United States. Most of […]

Meet The Anti-Muslim ‘Madman’ Trump Got His Lie About Terrorism In Sweden From

Chances are you’ve never heard of filmmaker Ami Horowitz, but he’s the person responsible for the report which aired on Tucker Carlson’s show and later wound up being referenced by Donald Trump during a rally in Florida when he alleged a terrorist attack had taken place in Sweden the day before. Now two Swedish police officers […]

Former Russian Foreign Minister Says Kremlin Is Nervous Trump Will Soon Be Ousted

While many Americans are worried about the odd moves made by Donald Trump since he took the oath of office, it turns out that Russian officials are also starting to get jittery about how tenuous a grip on reality and power the so-called president seems to have a month into his administration. Former Russian Deputy […]