Looks Like Georgia Senator David Perdue Could Soon Be In Need Of A Presidential Pardon

Back in late October, during a heated debate, incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) was accused of being a “crook” by his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff, for questionable stock trades Perdue made shortly after receiving a high-level briefing from the White House on the severe damage COVID-19 was expected to wreak on the United States, with […]

Enraged ‘Chachi’ Says He May Move To Utah And Run Against Mitt Romney

Just when you thought 2020 could not possibly get any more bizarre and surreal, it now looks like Chachi from “Happy Days” wants to be a U.S. Senator. Yes, you read that correctly: Scott Baio, the no-talent hack who hit his peak as an “actor” in 1983, is so angry with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) […]

‘Art Of The Deal’ Ghostwriter Says Trump Is ‘Too Lazy’ To Run For POTUS In 2024

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump is unsure what his next move should be after he leaves the White House, but one scenario that’s been discussed by him with top advisers involves his running for a second term in 2024: “Mr. Trump is talking seriously about announcing that he is planning to […]

Trump Sh*ts On The Idea Of Junior Running For Political Office: ‘He Wouldn’t Have A Chance’

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, there’s been lots of chatter among Republicans regarding who might be the next Trump to ascend to the political spotlight and run for office. One name that often comes up is the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., even though Junior is often seen as being a spoiled […]

Historian Who Accurately Predicted The Last 9 Elections Says Trump Will Lose The 2020 Race

Allan Lichtman is a political historian at American University who wrote a book entitled The Keys to the White House which lays out 13 true or false statements that have helped him correctly predict the results of the last nine presidential elections. What are those 13 statements or keys? Here’s a sampling of a few: […]

White House Chief Of Staff: The Administration Is OK With ‘Foreign Influence’ In 2020 Election

According to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the Trump administration is just fine with any foreign government interfering in the 2020 election the way the Russians did in 2016 to benefit the current president. During an appearance on “This Week” Sunday, Meadows was asked this question by host George Stephanopoulos: “The intelligence community […]

Jared Kushner Admits Trump Lies To His Supporters Because He ‘Knows Republicans Are Stupid’

According to the Washington Post, as of April 14, President Donald Trump had made 18,000 false or misleading statements over the course of his time in office. His most frequent lie is about immigration, the Post notes: “About one-fifth of these claims are about immigration, his signature issue — a percentage that has grown since […]

Don Jr’s Idiotic Tweet About Voter Fraud Comes Back To Bite Him Right On The A*s

If there’s one thing that’s definitely hereditary in the Trump family, it’s the absolute inability to avoid looking like a complete fool on a regular basis. Such is the case with Donald Trump Jr. — aka Traitor Tot — who probably thought he was helping make his father’s case about mail-in voting being rife with […]

Addled Trump Calls Election Day ‘One Of The Biggest Dates In The History Of Religion’

Donald Trump absolutely loves to make fun of others. Whether it’s giving his rival an insulting nickname (“Crooked Hillary”) or making fun of how a person looks or speaks, Trump clearly delights in mocking others, even when doing so is downright cruel. Perhaps Trump resorts to mocking others because he knows that he’s woefully inadequate […]

BUSTED! Trump’s 2020 Campaign Slapped By FEC With 233 Pages Of Illegal Contributions

Just as he’s done throughout his business career and also in the 2016 election, Donald Trump is trying to flout the laws that apply to all Americans and all federal candidates for office, but this time he’s been caught red-handed, and the numbers prove his guilt. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has written and informed […]