MSNBC Host: Trump Is ‘Pure Evil’ And ‘This Country Cannot Survive With A Failure At The Top’ (VIDEO)

With the 100th day of the Trump administration now just 72 hours away, many of us are taking a long look at the damage which has already been done by this deeply unhinged man who offers little more than empty promises, continual lies, and the threat of destroying the very foundations of this great republic. […]

Conservative Media Figures OUTRAGED By Poorly Planned White House Media Event

Monday evening, about 30 conservative reporters, editors, and radio hosts were invited to the White House for a background briefing with the illegitimate president and some of his top aides, but when it was over with, many of them were spectacularly unimpressed with the event. For starters, everyone on the group had to surrender their cell […]

Gingrich And Hannity Whine: ‘There’s A War Against Fox News’ (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity, both of whom are ardent supporters of Donald Trump, are firmly convinced that “liberal fascism” is trying to destroy them and the source of their paychecks, Fox News. A day after Hannity was accused of sexually harassing a woman who appeared on his show, the Fox host opened his nightly […]

Schumer To Sessions: If You’re Too Wimpy To Ride The New York Subway, I’ll Ride It With You (VIDEO)

Last week, our illustrious Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, suggested that since New York City is a so-called “sanctuary city” for undocumented immigrants, the NYPD was “soft on crime.” He later walked that remark back, calling New York, a “fabulous city for law enforcement.” Appearing Monday morning on the MSNBC show Morning Joe, New York Senator […]

Trump’s Latest Interview Proves Senility Has Completely Overtaken Him

Donald Trump recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the Associated Press, and it only served to reinforce what many of us have long suspected: The man with the codes to our nuclear arsenal has completely lost his mind. I don’t mean that figuratively, either. Clearly, this guy is suffering from advanced senility. Here’s […]

Priebus Claims Congress Will Fund Border Wall Because Trump ‘Won Overwhelmingly’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and members of his administration have a selective view of recent history, along with a bizarre notion that if you want something badly enough, it will magically happen. For example, take a look at these tweets the so-called head of state sent out Sunday: The Democrats don’t want money from budget going to […]

WATCH A Nebraska Farmer School A Fox News Host On The Dangers Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

According to Donald Trump and other Republicans, the Keystone XL pipeline is absolutely necessary if the United States plans to become energy independent. But a Nebraska farmer completely wrecked that argument in an interview with Fox News. Art Tanderup is a farmer who lives outside of Neligh, Nebraska, and would be directly affected by the […]

WATCH Bill Nye DESTROY A Climate Change-Denying Adviser To Donald Trump

In honor of Earth Day 2017, CNN decided to have a discussion Saturday morning on the topic of climate change, and two of the invited guests were Bill Nye (aka the “Science Guy) and William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University who is an ardent denier of climate change and has also advised Donald Trump […]

Bill Maher UNLOADS On ‘Whiny Little B*tch’ Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Donald Trump loves to brag about how tough he is as a businessman. To hear him tell it, he’s the most shrewd and brilliant business genius in the world. Oh, and his hands aren’t incredibly small for a man of his height. So don’t even think that he might be…inadequate…in certain areas. But as Bill […]

BUSTED! Donor List For Trump Inaugural Contains Evidence Of Fraud, Possible Money Laundering

It was called, simply enough, the “58th Presidential Inaugural Committee,” and it raised a stunning $107 million in donations from various sources, more than twice the previous record which was set by Barack Obama in 2009. But it may also have proven to be nothing more than a way for shady characters to give money […]