Crazed Kentucky Pastor Says Sexually Assaulted Child ‘Chose To Be Raped’ (Video)

Truth Apostolic in Madisonville, Kentucky is a small church, and now it is the focus of national attention after its pastor, Michael Orten, defended the rape of a 13-year-old girl by saying that the girl “chose to be raped.” Some background: Orten hired a convicted sex offender to work with children at the church. The […]

Family Kills 41-Year-Old Mother During Attempted Exorcism Ritual

Just when you think the news cannot possibly get more bizarre, more surreal, and more WTF?!, you run across a story like this one and realize that it most certainly can. On December 9, a woman was killed by other family members who attempted to exorcise a demon they believed was in possession of the […]

Pastafarian Schools Georgia Officials Who Refuse To Take His Religion Seriously

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the Pastafarian religion, which worships the deity of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster,” but does the fact that it may sound silly make it any less valid as a form of worship? According to officials in Georgia, it is indeed less acceptable than say, Christianity. This incident began when Chris Alvino […]

Evangelist Claims God Put Contradictions In Bible To ‘Weed Out’ Atheists (Video)

Even though I consider myself to be a Christian, I freely admit that contradictions exist in the Bible. They simply do. But creationism evangelist Kent Hovind has just put forth a theory on why those contradictions exist that no only doesn’t make sense, it merely makes him look as ignorant as he appears at first […]

Wisconsin Republican Tells Non-Christians To Convert Or Be Destroyed (Video)

Wisconsin GOP State Representative Scott Allen thought it would be a great idea to send out a video Christmas message to his constituents. Nothing wrong with that, but Allen also quoted a Bible verse which threatens non-Christians with destruction if they don’t convert. How’s that for peace on earth and goodwill toward men? Allen began […]

Zombie Nativity Scene Draws $500 Daily Fine, Ire Of Local Christians

Jasen Dixon lives in Sycamore Township, Ohio, and manages the “13 Rooms of Doom” haunted house. And for the second year in a row, he has set up a nativity scene in his front yard with an interesting twist: a zombie baby Jesus. Local authorities and Christians are not amused. This is the second year Dixon […]

Historian: The Koran Is NOT More Violent Than The Bible. Christians Have ‘Holy Amnesia’

Since the Paris attacks, all we’ve heard from the chattering class on the far right is that Islam is a religion of violence which mandates jihad, or holy war. They even say the Koran is rife with incidents of violence and calls to kill all enemies of Islam. Which, if you didn’t know, is utter […]