AG Barr Is Redacting The Mueller Report ‘Within An Inch Of Its Life’

Earlier today, the House Judiciary Committee voted to authorize Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to issue subpoenas for the full report compiled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and all underlying investigative materials. Nadler noted:

“We’re going to work with the attorney general and for a short period of time in the hope that he will reveal to us the entire Mueller report and the underlying materials and go to court to get permission to have the 6c [grand jury] material. If that doesn’t work out, in a very short order, we will issue the subpoenas.”

The action by the judiciary committee comes just hours after a report aired on “The Rachel Maddow Show” suggesting that Attorney General Barr is redacting the hell out of the Mueller report. As Maddow remarked Tuesday evening:

“What [Democrats are] surmising from Barr’s comments to them thus far is that the Mueller report is going to be redacted within an inch of its life on the grounds that it contains a ton of grand jury information, which William Barr is taking it upon himself to cut out, not only before he shows to it to the public, but before he even shows it to Congress.”

Barr has even refused to seek a court order that would allow for the release of that grand jury information, which Congress has every right to see. There’s even a historical precedent for such an action, Maddow added:

“The Democrats want him instead to get a court order allowing for that grand jury information to be disclosed. That is what happened in Watergate. That is what happened in the Ken Starr report. That is what has happened in every other investigation like this. That is what the Democrats in Congress would like to happen now. So far, no response on that from the attorney general whatsoever.”

There’s incredibly damaging information in the full Mueller report. The actions of the White House and Trump’s handpicked protector at the Department of Justice prove that. But the courts are on the side of transparency, and rest assured we are going to see the Mueller report in time.

Meanwhile, William Barr needs to be subpoenaed to testify publicly, as does Robert Mueller. That’s the only way we can finally know the truth about the criminal currently residing in the White House.

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