Americans Hate The Trump Tax Bill, And Donnie Is FURIOUS! (TWEETS)

You’d think Donald Trump would be delighted that he finally managed to pass a piece of legislation — a massive tax cut for the richest 1 percent of Americans — but he isn’t. See, Donnie needs to be praised at all times, and since most Americans don’t care about his tax bill, he’s very angry, as Scott Dworkin reports:

Of course, if you go over to Trump’s Twitter feed, the tax cut is the greatest thing since sliced bread:

But take a look at the latest polling numbers regarding all those jobs, jobs, jobs Donnie is promising. According to NBC News:

“24 percent of Americans say that the Trump-backed tax plan is a good idea, versus 41 percent who believe it’s a bad idea.

“That’s an increase in unpopularity from October, when 35 percent said it was a bad idea, and 25 percent said it was a good idea.”

Damn, it’s not even close! 17 percent more of those polled think the tax plan is bad than think it’s good. That’s not an encouraging sign, especially for Congressional Republicans as they prepare for a midterm election in 2018. They’ve already pissed off millions of Americans by trying to take away their health insurance. And their leader, the Tangerine Shitgibbon, knows that if he loses control of Congress next year, he’ll be impeached.

But if you think a poll can adequately express just how much contempt and hatred there is for Trump and the tax scam bill, take a look at some of what’s been posted on Twitter today:

Wonder whose fault it’ll be when this tax plan wrecks the economy. Something tells me Trump will try to blame Obama and Hillary. Some things never change.

One thought on “Americans Hate The Trump Tax Bill, And Donnie Is FURIOUS! (TWEETS)

  1. We ALL KNOW who those tax cuts and breaks are for, *Tribune Fullashitticus Rex* Traitor/tRump, and it ISN’T for “WE THE PEOPLE!” You are the ultimate scam artist/snake oil salesman…. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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