Don Jr. Proves His Ignorance Of Mathematics When He Attempts To Attack Joe Biden’s Tax Plan

Donald Trump Jr. has never ever been very bright. He takes after his father in that regard, and, true to his name, he often speaks or tweets before engaging his tiny brain in any discernible manner. But even for a low IQ poltroon like Junior — aka Traitor Tot — a tweet he sent out […]

How Trump And The GOP Stuck It To First Responders With Their Tax Scam Bill

Donald Trump campaigned as the candidate of “law and order,” and catered shamelessly to police officers and other first responders. But a section of the tax scam bill he just signed proves that he and the Republican party truly are liars and hypocrites. The section of the bill in question allows wealthy corporate CEOs can […]

Americans Hate The Trump Tax Bill, And Donnie Is FURIOUS! (TWEETS)

You’d think Donald Trump would be delighted that he finally managed to pass a piece of legislation — a massive tax cut for the richest 1 percent of Americans — but he isn’t. See, Donnie needs to be praised at all times, and since most Americans don’t care about his tax bill, he’s very angry, […]

GOP Tax Bill Is So Bad That Republicans Admit They’ll Need Another One To ‘Fix’ It

As a rule, when Congress writes and passes a piece of legislation, they try to work out any possible problems with the bill before they actually pass it. But when it comes to the GOP tax bill, it appears they’ll go full steam ahead, even though they realize there are major problems with the so-called […]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asked Twitter For Reaction To Trump’s Tax Plan – That Was A BIG Mistake

For some strange reason, President Trump and members of his administration seem to have a bizarre need to take whatever happens to be wandering through their normally empty brains and splatter it all over social media. Twitter, of course, is Trump’s favorite medium, probably because it’s limited to 140 characters and that’s about as long […]

Conservative Extremist Says Raising Taxes On The Wealthy Is ‘A Cruel Thing To Do’ (VIDEO)

Instead of cutting taxes on the wealthy in this country, think about what might happen if we did the opposite and raised taxes on them instead. That’s reportedly what White House adviser Steve Bannon advocated recently, arguing that such a move would be a “potent populist idea.” But to hear anti-tax activist Grover Norquist tell […]

Former Wall Street Exec On Trump Tax Plan: ‘This Is A Tax Break For Donald Trump’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin presented the Trump administration’s “tax reform” plan, even though there’s no reform, only more trickle down voodoo economics calling for massive tax cuts for business and the rich. Yeah, because that worked so well in the past. The Trump tax plan (a one-page bullet-point sheet) was the subject of […]

White House Releases Preview Of Tuesday’s Address To Right-Wing Media, And It’s BEYOND Bullsh*t

If perhaps you were contemplating watching Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening but weren’t sure your stomach could take it, have no fear because the White House has already released an outline of what the speech will cover to right-wing sites such as InfoWars, which posted some of it Monday […]

Mike Huckabee: We Should Treat Taxpayers The Same Way We ‘Train Dogs’ (Video)

If you thought only Donald Trump could say the most ridiculous things that leave you wondering what in the hell he was thinking–provided any thinking at all took place–then you’ll be glad to know that Mike Huckabee has now upped the ante in the GOP race for the White House. At last night’s Republican debate, […]

Stop The Presses! Fox News Just Admitted The GOP Tax Plans Would Put Us Trillions In Debt

These are strange times we live in, my friends. How strange? Strange enough that even Fox News is now admitting the proposed tax plans of the 2016 GOP candidates would add trillions to the national debt. Yeah, I know: Pretty soon cats and dogs will be getting along and living in perfect harmony worldwide. On […]