Another Trump Hotel Goes Belly Up As His ‘Empire’ Begins To Implode

For decades, Donald Trump has bragged about what a great businessman he is, even though his so-called business empire is built on little more than overextended credit, shoddy construction, broken promises, and repeated failure. After all, this is the same man who had to file for bankruptcy on casinos he owned in Atlantic City. Casinos! Casinos always make money, especially when they’re in prime locations such as Atlantic City.

And now we learn that another of Trump’s hotels has gone belly up, this time in Vancouver, British Columbia, just three years after it opened, the Vancouver Sun reports:

“Vancouver’s Trump Hotel has permanently closed, citing the pandemic, but it could reopen under another brand.

“The land and building is owned by TA Global Berhad, a multinational Malaysian property company headed by Joo Kim Tiah, which paid to license rights to use the Trump name.”

Be sure and note the line “but it could open under another brand.” That alone speaks volumes about how toxic the Trump name is across the globe, especially since he was elected president and began alienating everyone with his bad manners and rude behavior.

As marketing professor emeritus Lindsay Meredith noted, emblazoning the Trump name across the Vancouver hotel was a bad idea from the start:

“They’re probably looking at it as a convenient way to dump a deal they made. The Trump brand historically looked to be relatively stable, but it’s become ever-mercurial and a bloody lightning rod.”

Translation: Donald Trump has turned the Trump name to shit, and no one wants to be associated with it or with him, which suggests he could have trouble making a buck once he leaves the White House.

According to the Washington Post, since Trump was elected, three other hotels have also pulled licensing deals and stripped the Trump name from their properties. And who can blame them? The name of most unpopular president in American history is poison.

Reportedly, Trump thought he could make a mint by being president. But that was before nearly everyone began to loathe him and everything he stands for.

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