Trump’s Makeup Disaster Has Social Media Roaring With Laughter

Donald Trump paid a visit to Texas recently, where many polls show him tied or narrowly losing to Joe Biden, and he must have really wanted to impress Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, because the way he got his face all painted up he might just as well have put on earrings and lipstick to complete the effect.

But there was one major problem with how Trump’s makeup was applied, and it only drew further attention to the fact that a 74-year-old man is wearing foundation and getting fake tans the way most people change their socks.

The White House posted this video of Trump as he departed for the Lone Star state:

Wow! Talk about a very bad makeup job. Someone needs to be fired.

Here’s a couple of still photos from video shot by CNN:

Yeah, nothing the least bit wrong with that already orange face, is there? Except for the fact that the orange ends and starkly turns to white. The contrast is almost enough to make you divert your eyes when the sunlight hits it.

All of this sent social media into waves of laughter and mockery, all of which is well-deserved, especially when a grown man wears makeup and then wears it badly!

Donnie, a word of advice: You’re making all of this too damn easy! We hardly have to lift a finger to mock you these days.

One thought on “Trump’s Makeup Disaster Has Social Media Roaring With Laughter

  1. Please just hurry up Truth and get rid of this stain on our world!!! We in the free world are tired of his disgusting rudeness not only to his allies But decent cities in USA It is the performance of a rogue element acting out of hatred and spite for the real world. Very much out of touch with the role he is trying so hard to pull off. If he never watches CNN how come he know so much,. As for his jestering performances only shows his lack of knowledge for the role potus…. . As for his aides nodding and posturing trying to prop up his ugly rhetoric and the disrespect he displays at every stand-up comedy act. Usually attacks a young female trying so hard to intimidate. It is appalling. I can not believe any American wants this man for a second term. There is nothing but despising in this man. He is a very unhappy sad miserable sole is dried up he is incompetent of decency only playing war games and terror with his free power.. The world is in shock at this resident in the white house creating such chaos. His hatred anger at the world is alarming Is He Sane?

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