Arkansas Lawmaker Who Rehomed Daughters Now Says They Were ‘Possessed By Demons’

Arkansas GOP state representative Justin Harris, who rehomed two adopted daughters into the family of a man who later raped one of them, now says that he wanted the girls out of his house because they were “possessed by demons” and a threat to his biological children.

The girl who was sexually abused is referred to in reports by the name of “Mary.” Her younger sister is referred to as “Annie.” Friends who knew the Harris family, and even babysat for them, report that Harris and his wife treated the girls in bizarre ways. Chelsey Goldsborough said Mary was kept separated from the other children and monitored by video camera because Harris was convinced the adopted girls were possessed by demons, and could communicate via mental telepathy. Goldsborough also said Harris and his wife hired someone to perform an “exorcism” on the girls.

Mary and Annie have since been adopted into a new home, and their current family reports they have seen no evidence of the girls being dangerous or exhibiting any odd behavior. In an email, the new parents told the “Arkansas Times” newspaper:

 “We are aware of the very public conversation going on about events pertaining to our daughters. We are deeply grieved over Justin Harris’ accusations toward our daughters in order to self-protect; it is inexcusable.  We also have two small dogs and the girls have only been gentle towards them. These girls are happy, healthy children who have gone through things no child should ever have to endure. Since they have been home with us, they have adjusted beautifully and are thriving in our home with unconditional love and patience.”

Harris and his wife, Stacey, adopted the two girls and then rehomed them with a man, Eric Cameron Francis, who raped Mary. Adding to the odd nature of the crime is the fact that Francis had once worked as a teacher at a preschool owned by Harris. The preschool and daycare, God’s Growing Kingdom, cares for 150 children on a daily basis.

With each passing day, this case seems to get stranger, but one thing remains constant: Had it not been for Harris rehoming two children he adopted, the girls would not have had to endure the pain and suffering they have been exposed to.

Harris, meanwhile, still operates his daycare center and has not been charged with any crime. Makes one wonder who is really the evil force behind all this darkness, doesn’t it?

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