Attorney General William Barr Is Facing Disbarment For Multiple Ethical Violations

Ever since he was confirmed as attorney general, William Barr has proven eager to do anything and everything his boss, Donald Trump, asks of him, whether it’s whitewashing the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to dismissing any U.S. attorney who might be investigating the president or his friends and associates.

But karma appears to finally be catching up with AG Barr, and he could soon be looking at losing his law license and the right to practice as an attorney.

Politico reports that Barr has been referred to the District of Columbia Bar for a thorough investigation and punitive actions if it’s determined his behavior were in violation of his oath to uphold the law:

“Four former presidents of the D.C. Bar Association have signed a letter calling on the group to investigate whether Attorney General William Barr has violated its rules.”

More specifically, Barr is accused of violating ethical rules in at least four instances:

“His characterization of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s 2016 election interference, his criticism of an inspector general report on the Russia probe, his criticism of FBI officials in a TV interview, and his role in the disbursement of peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square, outside the White House.”

The letter to the Bar Association goes on to note:

“Mr. Barr’s client is the United States, and not the president. Yet, Mr. Barr has consistently made decisions and taken action to serve the personal and political self-interests of President Donald Trump, rather than the interest of the United States.”

Addressing the matter of the Mueller report and the way Barr misled the public and Congress about what was contained in it, the former presidents of the DC Bar argue that Barr’s assertion the FBI premise for beginning the Russia investigation was “very flimsy” was dishonest and not accurate, writing:

“Indeed, the notion that the legitimacy of an FBI investigation’s initiation should be judged by its end, if applied broadly, could easily chill the initiation of wholly legitimate inquiries for fear of being second-guessed.”

Attorney General Barr is facing criticism from other quarters, too. In June, the president of the New York City Bar Association sent a letter to Congress calling the AG “unfit” while referencing some of the same concerns as the letter to the DC Bar Association.

Just imagine the irony if after being a loyal lapdog for Donald Trump, William Barr is unable to practice law ever again. It would be a fitting end to his checkered career and also a humiliation for his presidential master.

3 thoughts on “Attorney General William Barr Is Facing Disbarment For Multiple Ethical Violations

  1. Considering alone his associations with paedophiles along with his fathers it is amazing he is representative to any kind of law. He is Lawless and a force of evil for evildoers like trump His day of recognising cannot come soon enough for this once great admirer of the USA. Trump sending his bullies to Oregon is the biggest signal of a violent leadership intent on destruction. Roll on toppling this ugly man Barr

    • Barr’s father gave a 21-yr-old sexual abuser Epstein a postion as instructor at a prestigious all-girls’ school in NYC for which he lacked academic credentials. Then his son defended him in the Florida lawsuits for rape and his organized sex rings.
      Trumpworld is an ugly cesspool of corruption as evidenced by all his criminal pals. How many arrests and convictions must we suffer through. Is America beyond redemption?

  2. Is an embarrassment to this Country to have an Attorney General serving the wishes of the other huge embarrassment for this Country president tRump both are making a mockery of this Country its Laws, The Constitution and the people that blindly followed this dream that turned into a huge Nightmare, full of Lies, treachery, treason, selling our Country to the Enemy, breaking all the Laws for which many people gave their lives to protect and preserve, let’s unite and take down this disgrace of human beings, coming November with high hopes that it can be a Civil and honest contest. VOTE BLUE!

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