Fox Legal Expert Says Alleged ‘Evidence’ In The Hunter Biden ‘Scandal’ Is Complete Bullsh*t

Bless their little cinder-black, atrophied hearts, the gang at Fox News has been trying so damn hard lately to create a giant scandal they can tar and feather Joe Biden with, and thought they’d found one with allegations that the former vice president’s son, Hunter, had somehow sold influence to foreign agents in exchange for favors.

Problem is, the entire Rudy Giuliani tinfoil hat bullshit about a laptop computer sent to a repair shop in Delaware turned out to be a dead end.

Despite all of those failures, the hosts at “Fox & Friends” were taking another run at the Hunter Biden story Thursday, inviting legal expert Jonathan Turley on to confirm that there was something “illegal” found on Hunter Biden’s computer.

Turley, however, quickly destroyed the fevered dreams of the hosts, according to Crooks and Liars, remarking:

“We still don’t have any evidence that this influence peddling — and that’s what this is — actually influenced Vice President Biden. And there’s also no evidence that there’s a crime here.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Turley then added a final nail in the conservative echo chamber coffin by noting:

“Congress has written the laws to allow this type of influence peddling. By giving money to spouses and children, you avoid bribery and corruption statutes.”

Dammit! Another bogus conspiracy theory shot to hell and back by a rational human being speaking truth to insanity. The Fox Newsers must be wondering if it’ll ever end and fondly thinking back to the days when all they had to do was exclaim, “But, her emails!”

Here’s the video:

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