Befuddled Trump Suggested That Space Force Uniforms Be Designed By Melania

Proving yet again that he is indeed the most utterly clueless president in U.S. history, we have word today that Donald Trump thought it would be a wonderful idea if his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, designed the uniforms for his fledgling new branch of the military, Space Force

According to Time:

“Four options, products of monthslong deliberations with advertising agencies and Air Force brass, were printed on foam-core posters and arrayed in front of the President. Trump studied each one -before -settling on one featuring a silver delta symbol circled by a white orbiting spacecraft surmounting a blue globe. To make it official, Trump pulled out a black Sharpie marker, drew an arrow pointed at the seal and scratched out his signature above it. Before the brass left, the President offered a suggestion: perhaps First Lady and former model Melania Trump should help design Space Force uniforms because of her impeccable fashion sense. The incident later served as the comedic tension at the heart of an episode of the eponymous and fictional Netflix series.”

What exactly are Melania’s qualifications for such a job? She was once a model? Well, as a matter of fact, she was also a nude model, so does that mean all Space Force members would be wearing their birthday suit as a uniform?

Of course, it’s instructive to recall that this is the very same Donald Trump who cannot stop bragging about how well he did on a test to determine whether or not he’s suffering from dementia. Just the fact that he was given the test tells you that doctors had serious questions about his mental ability. After all, the test asks you to pick an elephant out of a series of drawings. There are well-trained chimpanzees that can pass that cognitive test with flying colors.

Just when you think things cannot possibly get more surreal and downright absurd when it comes to the Trump administration, Donald Trump lowers the bar even further and manages to limbo right under that sucker.

For the love of God, please let this end soon!

One thought on “Befuddled Trump Suggested That Space Force Uniforms Be Designed By Melania

  1. Trumps recent catch up he chat on the phone to Putin in Russia was possibly regarding the dress code for the star wars, not one for Mel since her coat of many colors episode. or perhaps a discussion on whether he must continue the sacrificing of the Education systems in US, sending teachers and children while the virus is still rampant. USA please stop being so dumb with this transparent resident in the white house while he is causing USA to its knees. He is incapable of leadership. How many must die? How many more violations to the Oath of office? How many more scandalous uses of the taxpayers money? When will it be enough Fancy even talking about any dress code! The act of treasonous behavior is enough watching from the free planet I belong to… Wake The Heck Up He should not even be considered on any ballot having gone through an Impeachment that he managed to squeeze out of due to corruption in the ranks of GOP.

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