Business ‘Genius’ Donald Trump Would Be Richer If He Never Touched Inheritance

Donald Trump is fond of bragging about what a great businessman he is. As such, he claims he would be able to revive the American economy, negotiate better trade deals with our competitors, and hammer out airtight foreign policy agreements that would prove America means business.

But a recently released analysis of Trump’s finances suggests that for all his bluster, the Donald would be richer than he is had he merely invested the money he inherited from his father in the stock market.

National Journal writer S.V. Dáte, in a revealing article, concludes that as a businessman, Donald Trump is actually a massive failure. As he notes:

“Had the celebrity busi­ness­man and Re­pub­lic­an pres­id­en­tial can­did­ate in­ves­ted his even­tu­al share of his fath­er’s real-es­tate com­pany in­to a mu­tu­al fund of S&P 500 stocks in 1974, it would be worth nearly $3 bil­lion today, thanks to the mar­ket’s per­form­ance over the past four dec­ades. If he’d in­ves­ted the $200 mil­lion thatFor­bes magazine de­term­ined he was worth in 1982 in­to that in­dex fund, it would have grown to more than $8 bil­lion today.”

Yet how much did Trump disclose as his total worth when he filed his financial paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC)? About $3-4 billion, which is approximately half what he would be worth if he’d never gotten his hands on it. Dáte also writes:

“Even the smal­ler fig­ure ex­ceeds the lower range of his pos­sible net worth as re­por­ted to the Fed­er­al Elec­tion Com­mis­sion, while the lar­ger num­ber ex­ceeds by bil­lions re­cent es­tim­ates of Trump’s worth by fin­an­cial pub­lic­a­tions. And it would have come without the high-drama, roller-coast­er ca­reer that has in­cluded four cor­por­ate bank­ruptcies.”

Thanks to multiple bad decisions on his behalf, Trump wasted billions of dollars (of his own and other people’s money) while building and then destroying several business ventures. Here’s a staggering fact: Trump’s business empire currently holds the record for the most corporate bankruptcies by a company. Over the last 30 years, no one has been quite as adept at bad business as Trump. And, no one has been bailed out by taxpayers like Trump has either.

Make America great again? If his business record is indicative of how he would run the United States, we would probably be a third-world financial basket case by the end of Trump’s first term.

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  1. This country needs to quit looking at losers like Trump for guidance, and eat their own mistakes….His failures, and their support of him is pure ignorance, and ignorance is NOT a virtue………

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