‘Trust Fund’ Jared Gets Shredded For Whining About The NBA Strike In Response To Kenosha Shooting

In the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake by police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the National Basketball Association canceled all playoff games that had been scheduled for Wednesday evening, and both the Los Angeles Lakers and L.A. Clippers have reportedly voted to quit the playoffs altogether. But according to senior White House adviser Jared […]

Judge Slams The Brakes On Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio (DETAILS)

Seeing as how he knows virtually nothing about how the federal government works or the powers of the different branches–executive, judicial, and legislative–it may come as one hell of a surprise when President Trump learns that his pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not as complete as he imagined. Yes, Trump did indeed […]

WTF?! Arizona Sheriff: Take A Gun If You Go Hiking So You Can Shoot Mexicans

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeau has a bit of friendly advice he wants to impart to anyone who might be thinking of going hiking in his county: Be sure and take a gun with you, because you might just have to shoot some Mexican cartel members. Babeau’s office issued a statement saying that Mexican cartels […]

This Is How ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Treats Mentally Ill Prisoners

Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is, without question, one of the biggest douchebags to ever walk the face of the earth or carry a badge and gun. He has been known to make inmates wear pink prison-issued clothing, fed them moldy bread and expired sandwich meat, and houses some of his inmates in outdoor […]

Infant Girl Attacked By Police Dog After Cops Detain The Wrong Person (Video)

Take a good look at the adorable 17-month-old little girl you see in the photo above. Does she look dangerous to you? No, of course she doesn’t. But police in Henderson, Nevada, turned a police dog loose on her and she was bitten on her arm repeatedly, as you can see in this picture: This […]

CA Cop Will Not Be Charged For Bashing Woman In Face; He Was ‘Protecting’ Her

Back in July, a video went viral which showed a Los Angeles police officer–later identified as Daniel Andrew–viciously beating and nearly killing Marlene Pinnock. The video clearly showed Andrew pummeling Pinnock and her head bouncing off concrete as he assaulted her. But on Friday, very quietly, with no fanfare, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office […]

Judge Grants Immunity To Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man ‘Execution Style’

After waiting two long years for justice to be done, the family of Larry Jackson, Jr. was hoping to see Detective Charles Kleinert, the Texas police officer they believe executed their loved one in cold blood, put on trial for manslaughter next week. Instead, Kleinert has been granted total immunity from prosecution by a federal […]

Atlanta Cop Lets Black Man Go After Realizing He’s Being Filmed (Video)

In today’s world, where virtually everyone who has a cell phone is also carrying a video camera, police know they are being watched like never before. And one member of the Atlanta Police Department got caught arresting a man for doing nothing, then let the man go after realizing he was being recorded. The video […]

WATCH A Cop Threaten To Impound Man’s Car Unless He Buys A Fundraising Ticket

A member of the Philadelphia Police Department has been reassigned to desk duty and had his service weapon taken from him after a video surfaced showing him pressuring a driver to purchase a ticket for a police fundraiser. On the video, Officer Matthew Zagursky is shown holding the tickets in his hand and saying: “You and […]

Texas Sheriff Will Not Turn Over Jailhouse Video After Gay Man Dies In Custody

The family of a gay man who died in custody in Galveston, Texas, is seeking to find out more about why their son allegedly did not receive needed medication which eventually led to him suffering a fatal seizure. In March, Jesse Jacobs turned himself in at a jail in Galveston as part of a 30-day sentence he had been […]