Caught In A Lie, Ted Cruz Turns Into A Stammering Hypocrite (Video)

No doubt when Ted Cruz decided to give an interview to Fox News Host Bret Baier on Wednesday, he thought he’d be walking into safe territory. But he wound up looking like the hypocritical lying sack of dung that he will always be.

At Tuesday’s Republican debate, Cruz got into a verbal altercation with fellow Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio said Cruz had previously legalization for undocumented immigrants. Cruz said Rubio’s claim was totally untrue, and he doubled down on that while appearing on Fox, telling Baier:

“I’ve never supported legalization, I do not intend to support it.”

Patently false, and Baier showed a video clip of Cruz proposing an amendment to the so-called “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, which would suggest Cruz did indeed support the legislation. Yet again, Cruz tried to weasel out of his words, commenting:

“The fact that I introduced an amendment to remove part of the Gang of Eight bill doesn’t mean I support the rest of the Gang of Eight bill.”

Baier then read back quotes from Cruz that he made in 2013. In those, Cruz remarked:

“If my amendment were adopted, this bill would pass.”

Cruz was reduced to a stammering jackass, telling Baier:

“Of course I wanted my amendment to pass…It doesn’t mean I supported other aspects of the bill.”

But why even bother trying to amend a bill that you don’t support? Seems like a huge waste of time. Almost as big a waste as Cruz’s newfound piety on an issue he once supported. Guess all that noise Trump has been making over on the far right-wing of the party has scared Cruz into a battlefield conversion.

Make no mistake, Rubio has also done a major turn on immigration reform, but at the moment Cruz is the one caught in the crosshairs as he attempts to deny or fabricate facts which are easily proven with the use of his own words.

Cruz may be riding high in the polls at the moment, but his campaign is doomed to failure. When a Republican cannot even get an assist from Fox News, you know that person is not going far.

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