Close Friend Of Melania Trump Gives Documents On Inaugural Crimes To DC Attorney General

Even though the Russia investigation is now concluded and the Mueller report has been written, numerous investigations continue to take place, and most of them are being conducted in the states.

New York Attorney General Letitia James recently hit pay dirt when it comes to obtaining records from Deutsche Bank, which has loaned Donald Trump $2 billion over the years, with the Wall Street Journal reporting:

“The Deutsche Bank documents relate to three mortgages the bank extended to Mr. Trump’s business, as well as proposed financing that didn’t go through, people familiar with the New York investigation said.”

And now we have a report from Vanity Fair that the attorney general’s office in Washington, D.C. has subpoenaed one of First Lady Melania Trump’s closest friends about possible illegal activity by the Trump inaugural committee:

“Last month, (Stephanie Winston) Wolkoff received a subpoena from the Washington, D.C., attorney general’s office, requesting documents related to President Trump’s inauguration, which Wolkoff had a heavy hand in planning. The $107 million event has been under investigation for months, including by federal prosecutors in New York and New Jersey, for profligate spending and questions about foreign donations. The latest subpoena appears to be probing potential self-dealing by the Trump Organization and members of the president’s family, according to two people familiar with the investigation.”

Not willing to go to jail for ignoring a subpoena, Wolkoff turned over a treasure trove of documents:

“Wolkoff complied with the request, according to these sources, by the July 26 deadline, which asked her to turn over records involving the inaugural event, the president’s family and associates, and expenditures by the inaugural committee that could shine a light on whether the nonprofit group provided private benefits to the Trump Organization. The attorney general appears to be particularly interested in payments being made through the inaugural committee to Trump-owned businesses, and whether there was a fair bidding process for contractors.”

The person who decided what was charged for venues owned by the Trump Organization during the inauguration was none other than Ivanka Trump, and she allegedly inflated the prices, leading Wolkoff to voice her concerns in an email which read in part:

“These events are in PE’s [the president-elect’s] honor at his hotel and one of them is for family and close friends. Please take into consideration that when this is audited it will become public knowledge.”

Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Organization are far from in the clear when it comes to legal entanglements. The action has moved to the states. And no one can protect the Trump crime family from those

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