CNN Host To The Donald: ‘What’s Traditional About Being Married Three Times?’ (Video)

This is one of those days that Jon Stewart said almost made him rethink retiring from “The Daily Show.”

The setting is an interview on CNN with host Jake Tapper asking questions of Donald Trump, who, as we all know, is one of the most pompous and self-impressed men to ever roam the face of the Earth.

The question came up of Trump criticizing the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts for their 5-4 ruling which legalized same-sex marriage. Trump said the high court had let the nation down and that he supports “traditional marriage.”

I guess the Donald must support some form of marriage, because he’s on his third wife! Tapper asked Trump:

“What do you say to a lesbian who’s married or a gay man who’s married who says, ‘Donald Trump, what’s traditional about being married three times?’”

Trump replied:

“Well, they have a very good point. But I’ve been a very hardworking person. And actually, I have a great marriage, I have a great wife now. My [first] two wives were very good.”

You’ve been a hardworking person? What the hell does that have to do with it? My father worked hard for 40 years, took care of his family, and was married to my mother for 50 years before he passed away. So working hard has nothing to do with fidelity, you complete and utter hypocrite and moron!

Tapper, reminding Trump that he had neglected to directly answer the question, asked again:

“But what do you say to a lesbian or a gay man?” 

And Trump’s response is so typical that I guarantee you Jon Stewart will use it on the next edition of his show:

“I really don’t say anything. I’m just, Jake, I’m for traditional marriage.”

Translation: Yeah, you know, Jake, traditional marriage, like between a man and his billions of dollars, which I often like to rub all over my nude body. If I could marry my liquid assets, I would, but the courts tell me I can’t do that legally.

Hey, Donald, please keep running for President. Not because you have a chance or would make a good one. Nah, it’s because we all need the laughs.

Watch Trump Look Like The Idiot He Is

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