White Supremacist Who Inspired Dylann Roof Warns: It’s ‘A Preview Of Coming Attractions’

One of Dylann Roof’s main sources for the hateful, white supremacist worldview he used to justify his killing of nine black people at a Charleston, South Carolina, Bible study group is a man who has been spouting some of the most virulent and disgusting crap you can possibly imagine.

His name is Harold Covington, and he is the titular leader of the Northwest Front, a group which advocates that whites separate themselves from blacks in America and create their own “white homeland.”

Shortly after the massacre in Charleston, Covington was heard to remark that the killings were merely:

“A preview of coming attractions.”

And though Covington makes his living writing science fiction, it seems unlikely that this monumental bag of excrement is merely discussing the plot of an upcoming novel.

In the online manifesto Roof posted before he committed the nine murders, he specifically mentions Covington and the Northwest Front. Covington, however, conveniently tried to distance himself and his hate group from the crime, mainly because he says of such crimes:

“It doesn’t work.”

Yet at the same time, Covington also remarked on his weekly podcast:

“People, don’t do this shit, this flipping out with a gun lunacy. No, this is not just ritual disclaimer, Harold trying to cover is ass, this is what Harold really thinks.”

But I’m willing to bet every dime I own that it’s also a whole lot of Harold Covington covering his ass because he knows he’s on Homeland Security’s radar screen.

Also this week, Covington told The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain that he prefers to withhold his comments on Roof’s actions “until all the facts (are) out.” And he also said:

“I mean that a lot of times these things are not as advertised and people like you have a tendency to try to use us as props and aids to support the Official Version. Oklahoma City being a prime example; there is a compelling case to be made that was a government sting operation gone very wrong, but I long ago gave up any hope of ever getting anybody to listen; anything we say is simply shouted down or kicked aside, we are treated as cranks at best, and facts are never allowed to interfere with the Received Wisdom from on high.”

Sounds to me like Covington is the kind of moral relativist and conspiracy theorist who would also try to convince you that the Holocaust never occurred; it was merely a Hollywood production.

Covington, cranking his crackpot machine into full gear, also declared:

“They’ve been given a vision of a time in some imagined but possibly not too-far distant future when all of a sudden, on the street or in their office, or in some trendy fern bar, or Starbucks, or wine-and-cheese boutique on the Upper East Side or in San Francisco, they will look up, possibly from the laptop, where they are typing up their day’s quota of leftwing, liberal horseshit, and they will see a young white man like Dylann Roof standing in front of them with no steroid-pumped policemen in blue to protect their liberal candy asses from the consequences of years of their own behavior. They will see in that young white man’s eyes, that he recognizes them. That he is now beyond deception or bullying or browbeating or Twitter-shaming or intimidation, that he knows them for what they are. And they will look down and see that he has something in his hand.”

That sure as hell sounds like a threat to me. Perhaps it’s time the FBI paid this festering pustule a visit and had a talk with him.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.


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