CNN Security Analyst: ‘Stupid’ Trump Has Sealed His Fate By Firing McCabe (VIDEO)

While Donald Trump may be taking a victory lap on Twitter over the firing of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a security analyst for CNN is warning that McCabe is now much more dangerous to Trump than he was while still at the FBI.

Julia Kayyem, who served as Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs in the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama Administration, told host Don Lemon:

“I want to get away from process, away from politics, away from you know just the gut wrenching feeling all of us feel for McCabe’s pension. Trust me, he is going to be fine. There is a lot of book agents calling him right now. But let’s talk about Mueller, because that’s what this is about.”

Imagine all the things McCabe can say in a book! And imagine the money he can make by writing one. That led Kayyem to wonder why the White House had decided to make such a powerful enemy:

“Looking at what happened tonight outside the context of the Russia investigation, you’re missing the big story here. Because of McCabe’s knowledge of the investigation early on since he was part of the investigation, and then, of course, his contemporaneous knowledge of why Comey was fired. Those two things are relevant not just for obstruction of justice but also for what the special prosecutor is looking for. So are the Trump people stupid? Because they have now unleashed McCabe.”

Well, we know Donald Trump is stupid; a complete moron, and Kayyem then answered her own question:

“I have to believe they are not. What they did is they weighed two things: firing McCabe and letting him be unleashed or trying to undermine him now because they know he knows a lot. They chose tonight,  and they chose to try to undermine a key witness who potentially has information against them.”

But such a choice has its own potential consequences:

“I don’t think they’re going to, you know, regret this; they knew this would happen and they had to choose. They choose one of two bad options for a White House looking at an investigation by the special prosecutor that’s getting closer and closer to the Oval Office.”

While Trump and his minions may think they’re rid of Andrew McCabe, the former FBI man is far from done with what he has planned for them.

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