Conservative Who Refused To Purchase Medical Insurance Now Blind, Broke–And Guess Who He Blames?

Karma, at times, can be an incredibly cruel force in life. And it certainly seems that karma has come back to bite South Carolina resident Luis Lang squarely on the rump.

Lang, who is a self-employed handyman–and ardent Republican–has refused to purchase health insurance and took pride in paying his own medical bills. Which was fine, until recently, when Lang, a severe diabetic, suffered a series of mini-strokes that left him with bleeding in his eyes and a partially detached retina.

The situation has gotten so bad, and Lang’s medical bills have begun to accumulate so rapidly, that he and his wife could be in danger of losing the house they live in.

When Lang realized that he was seriously ill, he attempted to sign up for medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but he waited too long and was a month too late to enroll for 2015. He also earns too little to get a federal subsidy which would allow him to purchase a private insurance policy.

You might think that Lang would blame his own obstinance and insistence on self-reliance for his troubles. But instead, he blames President Obama and Obamacare, which he and his wife, Mary, say is a flawed law. Mrs. Lang remarked:

“(My husband) should be at the front of the line because he doesn’t work and because he has medical issues. We call it the Not Fair Health Care Act.”

Lang’s doctor, Malcolm Edwards, says the prognosis is not good for his patient:

“He will lose his eyesight if he doesn’t get care — he will go blind. He’s in a very bad situation. The longer he waits, the poorer his results will be.”

To help pay his medical expenses, Lang has set up a GoFundMe page seeking contributions for the medical treatment he needs.

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One thought on “Conservative Who Refused To Purchase Medical Insurance Now Blind, Broke–And Guess Who He Blames?

  1. By Mr. Lang’s reasoning, it would be unfair if he was refused auto insurance after causing a 10 -car pile-up, and was now facing a ton of lawsuits….. Blame NO ONE but yourself, and your twisted sense of GOP ‘self righteousness’…… The ACA was created for people like YOU, and you slapped the hand that reached out to you because that hand was attached to a Black Democrat……. How does that taste now, Son?

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