Court Filing Suggests Trump May Have Taken Bribes From The Turkish Government

During the 2016 race for the White House, several foreign governments reached out to Donald Trump and his campaign, including Russia and Saudi Arabia.

But now, thanks to court documents, we know that Turkey was also working to influence members of the Trump team in an attempt to get favorable foreign policy decisions if Trump became president, according to Poltico:

“A foreign client paying retired Gen. Michael Flynn more than $500,000 to mount a campaign to advance Turkish government interests during the 2016 presidential campaign explicitly complained to a Flynn aide that then-candidate Donald Trump was not being supportive enough, newly released documents show.

“A set of talking points prepared in October 2016 by Mike Boston, a former U.S. intelligence officer working with Flynn, indicate that ‘the client’ backing the lobbying project complained that the GOP nominee had not gone to bat for Turkey. At the time, Flynn was also serving as a top foreign policy adviser to Trump.”

In notes that Boston made and passed along to Flynn, there are these entries:

  • “Republican Presidential candidate has not defended subject’s home country publicly. He should specifically ask questions about subject’s operations and funding.”
  • “Trump didn’t defend Turkey publically (sic) Potentially ask questions about $.”

Does that dollar sign mean that Turkey was trying to funnel money to the Trump campaign or even Trump himself? Even if they didn’t formally hand the money to Trump, they were already paying $500,000 to the man who would later be appointed as national security adviser in the Trump administration. And that too suggests illegal funds being directed to members of the 2016 Trump campaign. That means Trump would be part of a conspiracy to accept a bribe.

One person has already been found guilty as a result of this information: Bijan Rafiekian, a former business partner of Flynn’s was recently convicted on charges of acting as an unregistered agent for Turkey in the U.S., along with a related conspiracy charge.

So while Russia has made most of the headlines since evidence came to light suggesting contacts between the Trump campaign and foreign governments, it now appears that Turkey was making every effort to guarantee they would be given favorable treatment when Trump was elected.

The Mueller investigation and his report were merely one layer of a much larger and deeper conspiracy. And all of those layers wind up leading back to Donald Trump himself.

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