Did Rudy Giuliani Just Toss Trump And Pence Under The Bus To Save His Own Hide?

Whenever he gets in trouble, Donald Trump always looks for someone else to blame. Losing the trade war? Blame China. Not getting your border wall built? Blame congressional Democrats and immigrants.

But it looks like Trump has been beaten to the punch when it comes to the Ukraine scandal, because his attorney, Rudy Giuliani. just threw Trump and Vice President Mike Pence right under the wheels of the bus.

As former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi noted on MSNBC, a statement Giuliani made after his two associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arrested and charged with campaign finance crimes by prosecutors with the Southern District of New York is proof-positive that Rudy isn’t about to take the fall for the administration:

“The Statement that [Giuliani] made to Mike Schmidt, in response to Mike’s article (in the New York Times), that ‘I wasn’t working for the Ukrainians, I was working for Trump,’ that kind of thing is going to be held up against what they have on (a wiretap) tape if they have it, and what they have from human sources.”.

Figliuzzi added:

“As is usually the case when Rudy opens his mouth, he may have defended himself against a FARA charge today, but he certainly threw Trump under the bus when he said, ‘I was working at the direction of the United States.’ That’s a problem.”

But it’s not just Trump that’s screwed if indeed Giuliani is about to turn state’s evidence to save his own hide, which is the only chance he has of not being locked up in federal prison for the rest of his life.

Mike Pence is also under suspicion and has been unable to provide a credible alibi for what role he may have played in the Ukraine scandal, as MSNBC reports:

“It was against this backdrop that Pence was in Iowa yesterday, where NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard asked the vice president whether he was aware the Trump administration was delaying aid to Ukraine, at least in part to get Ukraine to go after Joe Biden. Pence said several words, none of which answered the question.

“So, Hillyard asked again, and Pence evaded again. In all, the video of the event showed the NBC News reporter asking the vice president four times. It wasn’t a trick question. A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ would’ve sufficed.”

The impeachment inquiry, we already know, is indeed looking at both Trump and Pence, so no one should be surprised if articles of impeachment are drawn up against both of them.

Looks like Rudy just beat Trump at his own game of backstabbing. And Pence gets to come along for the ride, too.

3 thoughts on “Did Rudy Giuliani Just Toss Trump And Pence Under The Bus To Save His Own Hide?

  1. Yes Russia tampered with out election under his request. Now all the stuff in with the phone than let’s top it off with genocide of our allies yep he should be impeached and than arrested

  2. Trump and Rudy are two old guys with a shady past and a short future. They are both over the hill mentally and physically. They are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of many. The sad thing is they don’t have enough time left between the two of them to account for their crimes.

  3. Rudy was a good Mayer of NYC, and was praised for his prolific work during September 11. Now aligning himself with Trump has tarnish his reputation and possible pu5 hi in jail. Everyone who get close to Trump and defends him always get SCREWED. Such people are really gettin their reputation badly affected.

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