Woman Shoots Her ‘Friend’ For Being Atheist, Keeps Body As ‘Shrine To God’

A woman in Phoenix, Arizona, allegedly killed her “friend” for what she considered to be the worst crime of all: Not believing in God.

Anitra Braxton was arrested after police obtained a search warrant for her house and discovered the corpse of her friend on her couch. Braxton explained that she placed the body there as a “shrine to God.”

Later, when she was questioned by police, Braxton admitted that she had indeed shot her friend in the eye because she didn’t profess a belief in God.

Braxton has been charged with first degree murder, and there may be additional charges as authorities believe the deceased may have been pregnant.

As I have said on numerous occasions, there is nothing wrong with a person having a strong faith and belief of any kind, but when that belief leads the individual to commit a crime or attempt to force his or her religion on another person who doesn’t share that belief, it becomes a huge problem.

Yes, I do indeed consider myself to be a Christian, but if someone else chooses to be an atheist or a Muslim, or whatever else one may choose as their personal religion, that’s fine with me. To me, this is the very essence of being a liberal and a progressive: Just because my neighbor or friend does not share my beliefs doesn’t make that person evil or less of a human being.

It’s long past time for all of us to accept one another as we are, without judgment or condemnation. And perhaps most importantly, without violence of any kind whatsoever.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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