Anti-Abortion Protesters Sued For Harassing Schoolchildren In DC

In Washington, D.C., anti-abortion protesters opposed to Planned Parenthood have been harassing children and staff of an elementary school because the school is near a soon-to-be built Planned Parenthood facility. But now the school is fighting back with a lawsuit.

Two Rivers Public Charter School accuses the activists of blocking carpool lanes and even showing children graphic images of aborted fetuses. Those images so disturbed one child that he would only come back to school if a counselor agreed to meet him before he returned to campus.

In the lawsuit, Two Rivers accuses the protesters–one of whom has a criminal record–of engaging in “extreme and outrageous conduct” and even terrorizing students–some as young as 3–with images of mangled fetuses and warning them that a “murder facility” is being built next door to their school.

The protester with a criminal record, Robert Weiler Jr, has been convicted of plotting to bomb a clinic.

Jessica Wodatch, the executive director of the school, wrote a letter to parents in which she stated:

“We are a diverse community with different viewpoints on the issue. Our students are caught up in a controversy that is not about them — our goal is to allow them safe passage to school.”

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine said he will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who violates laws which prevent such harassment of children, adding:

“Protecting children is one of our highest priorities at the office of the attorney general, and we are very concerned about the allegations set forth in the complaint. We are committed to ensuring that students, teachers and parents are not harassed or otherwise intimidated by aggressive and unnecessarily inflammatory protests that go beyond the protections afforded by the First Amendment.”

For their part, protester Jonathan Darnel said he and his compatriots are not to blame:

“We blame the messenger instead of the message. They should be filing a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood for moving in there and building this place next to their school.”

Wonder how he’d feel if someone stood outside his place of worship and held signs calling him a domestic terrorist. But I’m sure he’d be deeply offended. Some asshats cannot see beyond their own perverted sanctimony.

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