Deranged Trump Is Now Claiming He ‘Created’ The Texas Oil Industry

Everything is falling apart for Donald Trump when it comes to his dream of being a two-term president instead of a loser one-term one that would relegate him to the saddest section of the presidential history books.

In response to his falling poll numbers and predictions that there will be a “Democratic tsumani” come November, the president has been saying the polls are all aimed at “suppression” and will be proven wrong just as they were in 2016.

For example, on Monday, during a round-table discussion with people who have been “positively impacted by law enforcement, Trump began one of his free-form rants, Crooks and Liars reports:

“It’s the same story, it’s suppression polls we had in 2016. Phony polls. Fake news, phony polls – same thing.”

But according to Real Clear Politics, the president is indeed losing:

And when Trump was asked about the planned Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, especially in light of the fact that COVID-19 cases are going through the roof, he instead began talking about Texas, as if the two were connected:

“We’re doing well in Texas. I read where I was one point up in Texas. I’m not one point up in Texas. We’re many points up. I saved the oil industry. Two months ago, I saved the oil industry. There would have been… I created it.”

Did you get that? He created the freaking oil industry! This guy has lost what was left of his addled brain.

It’d be nice to say that Trump merely misspoke and didn’t mean what he said. But when you’re dealing with a megalomaniacal narcissist who has delusions of grandeur, it’s difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt.

If for no other reason than saying something so patently absurd about a state as proud of itself as Texas, Trump deserves to lose the Lone Star state so it will compound his humiliation on Election Day.

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