Disturbing Video Of Trump Provides Hints That He May Be Suffering From Advanced Dementia

A few months ago, as Minneapolis and other major U.S. cities were embroiled in massive protests over the murder of George Floyd by police officers, Donald Trump and his White House entourage flew to Cape Canaveral for the liftoff of a SpaceX rocket. The rocket reached orbit without any problems and later docked at the International Space Station.

But during the time he was in Florida awaiting the rocket launch, many people noticed that whenever the camera was on Trump, he seemed unable to just stand and observe. He kept moving — even swaying at times — as if he was about to lose control of his body. It was quite a bizarre sight, and it quickly set off a firestorm of debate on social media about whether or not the current president is damaged goods, in the throes of full-blown dementia.

Take a look at this video of Trump on Saturday:

As it turns out, strange body motions are a symptom of what’s known as the PSP form of Frontotemporal Dementia:

“Progressive motor decline—characterized by various difficulties with physical movement, including the use of one or more limbs, shaking, difficulty walking, frequent falls, and poor coordination.”

Or as one person noted on Twitter with a very informative meme:

Others also remarked that it would appear Trump is, to put it mildly, neurologically challenged:

As you can tell from the video, something is indeed physically wrong with Trump. But there’s a very good chance we won’t find out until years from now when he’s out of office. Let’s just hope that’s sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Disturbing Video Of Trump Provides Hints That He May Be Suffering From Advanced Dementia

  1. Looks like a too tight girdle to me along with his usual lack of competence. What is he doing there when there is no rule of law in USA What a disgrace the protesters are filled with his own radicals always at night when they are hidden. Isn’t it time that the rest of those politicians stood up for the role and do something Like get him out of there. . He has become a real threat to the world. End of Story

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